Monday, 3 January 2011

MAC Cham Pale

I always feel almost apologetic when I do MAC posts as I am sure you feel somewhat inundated, I am therefore doing this as an extra post today.
I had made a mental list of what I would be buying from the Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours collections so I was thrown when my store had the Mickey Contractor collection instead of Stylishly Yours. I had been set on getting the Too Chic Beauty Powder to use as a highlight above Rose Ole Highlighting Powder (which I planned on using as a blush).
Scuppered, I swatched both Chez Chez Lame and Gana Blush, and made the decision to go for Chez Chez as it seemed less frosty, this it turns out was a mistake.
Chez Chez Lame Special Reserve Highlighting Powder is a sheer gold with a yellow undertone and a white sheen.
Applied on my cool toned, very pale skin, the yellow tone steps up a notch and clashes with my complexion. I gave this to my mother who is neutral toned and it works a lot better so I would be hesitant to get this if you are very cool toned like me.
Rose Ole Highlighting Powder is a mix of pink and copper with a golden sheen, its pigmented enough for me to use as a blush.
Both powders feel smooth, they are both high sheen though, so best applied with a light hand.

Swatches L-R: Rose Ole, Chez Chez Lame, I Get No Kick Eye Kohl (the Eye Kohl is a shimmery champagne, it feels quite smooth but is not long lasting).

Ingredients for the highlight powders:
Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad contains Brule (neutral light beige), Retrospeck ( shimmery/glittery subtle gold) Caviar Dreams (cool-toned medium shimmery/glittery brown). Et tu, Bouquet? ( icy pink).
Given this contains 2 lustre shades I was surprised I didn't seem to get fall out. I like this more than I thought I would, its a pretty palette of subtle colours and the overall look is sheer but shimmery.
The Paint Pots are all sheer and very shimmery/sparkly, however because of their sheerness they are not over the top. They are easy to apply, blending nicely and they last all day without a base.
I would say that you can only apply one layer of shadow over them otherwise the texture seems to get a bit lumpy.
I got Chilled on Ice (very sheer white gold), Vintage Selection (pink beige) and Dangerous Cuvee (grey with a lavender tone).
Paint Pot Swatches:
Overall I do think the collection is worth checking out, of what I bought the paint pots and Caviar dreams quad are my stand outs.


  1. I got Chez Chez Lame -- barely perceptible on my skin on its own but does give a great glow on top of blush. I am still on the fence about Rose Ole.

  2. Hee hee! You had a MAC moment! It's funny you posted this as I was talking on Twitter last night about how I was suckered in to looking at this collection whilst checking out swatches of Peacocky.

    Whilst the highlighters look lovely, I just can't get on with MAC highlighter powders so I'm not even going to go there! The quad looks pretty but what I really fancy is one of the paint pots. I'm dithering now having seen your swatches. I thought I would like Vintage Selection best of all but maybe I should go for Cuvee. How warm would you say Vintage is? It looks quite peach/coppery.

    Jane x

  3. The paint pots and the eye khol are the items I might be interested in from Cham Pale. Also I am very excited to see the Mickey Contractor collection, hopefully the lipsticks I can back to mac for!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I like Rose Ole but its not a must have. It is a nice collection though, although I think if you paired too many of the products together it would be a bit shimmer overkill :)

    Hi Jane,
    I'm a bit meh about Peacocky after looking at the swatches, what has caught your eye? Is that the only collection they are putting out next month?
    I'd say Vintage has a slight warmth to it but if I can wear it so can you, I'm not sure what I would pick for you out of Cuvee and vintage as both would suit you, you may well think them too sheer but they are great for a quick eye, just put one on, some black eyeliner, mascara and good to go! x

    Hello Meeta,
    There was a lipstick I did like from the MC collection but it was a matte finish so seemed a bit dry. Strangly both collections were put out in the store at the same time but whereas the Cham pale had been tested quite a bit the MC looked like it had not been touched, wonder how well it will sell.

  5. Thanks for the swatches hun!!They look so beautiful!have to check this collection!!!

  6. Hey!! I checked out this collection last week and picked up the Soiree nailpolish, Get no kick eye kohl, Fix+ Lavender and a Lipgelee in Straight to the head. My favorite item is the nailpolish, its quite metallic, looks like rose gold on my skintone. I totally surprised myself with the lipgelee purchase because I usually don't like them, however the shade I got was really pretty when I applied it with a disposable brush. Since then I've worn it once/twice straight from the tube which looks quite awful!! :( I must get myself a lipbrush or a packet of disposable ones! I'm yet to try the eyekohl though..
    Happy new year to you!

  7. Great haul. I got the I Get No Kick eyeliner and love using it on my lower water line.

  8. Great haul! I'm lemming 2 paint pots(the gray and the mauvey one). I like the look of that highlighter but I have enough of those type products to last a lifetime (I say this now but next week I'll buy another)! lol

    Enjoy all your pretty things x jeanie

  9. Hi Blushingloves,
    No problem, glad to entice :)

    Hi Lakshmi,
    I didn't even notice the nail polish, wonder if I should go back :) I did like the look of one of the Lipgelees but it felt a bit sticky?
    I have often wondered about Fix+, how do you use it, do you just spray it on to set everything? A belated happy new year to you too.

    Hi FunnyFaceBeauty,
    Thats where I have been using it as well, it just seems to disappear really quick.

    Hi Jeanie,
    I do think the paint pots are worth checking out, they are not normally the type of thing I would go for but I am really liking them x

  10. Hey Replica! I use Fix+ occasionally to moisten my skin when a powder makes it look too powdery. In the summer I also use it as a toner/moisturizer combo because its light and fresh, I think it contains some glycerin, which also means that if you spray too close to your face you can get an oily look. In case you like face sprays like Evian and such, you might like it!

  11. Thanks Lakshmi, it does sound good, might give it a go, I'd better check out the ingredients first x


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