Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection: Rich Lip Colour Soft Nude

When I picked up the Sand palette I also got one of the new lip colours from the collection.
There are two new limited edition Rich Lip Colour SPF 12 lipsticks. I picked up Soft Nude (£18) as the other option Twig, looked extremely brown.
Soft Nude is a neutral pinky brown nude, it pulls slightly too brown on me to prevent it being a favourite.
This is my second Rich Lip Colour, it has the same great pigmentation and long lasting wear however I find it feels dryer compared to my other one.

I was hoping to have a look at the brush set that came out with the collection, however was told it was only being sold in Selfridges stores, at any rate I am very pleased with the palette, probably could have skipped the lipstick, but its a nice safe collection and I think worth a look.

I bought this from John Lewis


  1. Pretty shade! Strange that it's drier though!

  2. Disappointing that the color didn't work--it looks gorgeous in your swatch. Also surprising that you found it dry. I find most BB lipsticks to be drying *except* for the one Rich Color lipstick I own (Sweet Nectar), which is quite emollient.

  3. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Srange and annoying! Still I have a lot of lip balms so its easily solved ;)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    It is odd that it feels different to my other one, I've seen other reviews of this shade and the same issue has not been mentioned, I am very fussy about the feel/moisture level in my lipsticks so maybe its just me ;)


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