Friday, 15 July 2011

Real Techniques Travel Essentials

Going with the somewhat tenuous assumption that because these were designed by a makeup artist I like the work of, then they must be good; I took the chance and bought some of the Real Technique brushes designed by Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo fame.

I went for the travel set (£18.99) it contains: Essential foundation brush, Domed shadow brush and a Multi-task brush
The bristles are synthetic taklon, hand cut and 100% cruelty free and come housed in a brush case/roll.

The Essential foundation brush is good for liquid foundation and under eye concealer and does not apply streaky nor do the bristles feel scratchy. Its smaller than a typical foundation brush but this means it really gets into the corners well.

The Multi-task brush, which is my favourite from the set, is good for liquid foundation, powder, blusher and bronzer, it applies colour well and blends it in nicely, it feels soft and comfortable on the skin.

The Domed shadow brush is very rounded and quite firm but not uncomfortably so. I tend to use it for blending shadows, I don’t like it much for actual shadow application.

The brushes wash up well with no spraying of hairs. For the price I am impressed. Whilst I wouldn’t say these exceed my currant brushes they are very good quality and useful brushes and I will definitely look into getting some of the other ones.

I bought these from, first time I have ordered from the site, it was packaged well and came extremely quick.


  1. The Domed shadow brush sounds like something I'd like! :) Really interested to try these, I love Pixiwoo!

  2. You have to try out their blush brush. Its awesome!

  3. Fab review - I just can't decide which set I want the most from this range!

  4. I'm really intrested in trying these, they look really good quality.

  5. These look very soft and rather cute and chubby looking. I like the look of the multi-task brush in particular.

  6. Thank you for this review Replica. I've a heard a lot of good things about these brushes (esp the Multi-task which is also your favourite). And the price point makes these even more covetable.
    Enjoy the weekend hon!
    Nina x

  7. Great review, I've heard lots of really good things about these brushes. I'll have to try them sometime :)

  8. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Pixiwoo are so easy to like aren't they, I'm glad as well that they put a really good price on these.

    Hi Get Gawjus!
    I'll make sure to get the blush brush next :)

    Hi mizzworthy,
    Thanks :) I want to get the core set as well now.

    Hi PinkSparkle84,
    I am really pleased with them, well worth a look :)

    Hi Meeta,
    The bases are quite chubby, I do like the look of them, quite cheery :) The multi task brush is really nice, think you can only get it in the set though.

    Hi Nina,
    I'm glad I tried them and like you say the price point is a good incentive. I wonder if Pixiwoo will bring out makeup as some point since the brushes have done well.
    Have a lovely week x

    Hi Lillian Funny Face,
    Thank you :) They are really good for the price, I'm hoping they will expand the range.

  9. These do sound lovely! I'm very interested in the multi-tasking brush too! Thanks for the wonderful review as always xx

  10. Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks ;) I think the multi task one seems a very popular one, I think the only ones I have heard a few negatives for are some of the eye brushes so I'll concentrate on the face brushes mainly xx

  11. I love Real Techniques. I have most of their brushes, this set is the last thing I want from them.

  12. Hi Mary,
    I will be getting more for them, I think the face brush set and a few of the singles :)


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