Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo & Rouge Pur Couture lipstick

I happened to walked past the YSL counter and then stopped. There was a sign saying “gift with purchase”, one of the most deadly sentences ever. The gift was a pink celebration palette which was part of the 2011 spring collection. All I needed was to buy two items. Simple, I picked up a Ombre Solo Eyeshadow and a Rouge Pur Couture lipstick.
My original glee that I had this pretty pink highlighter in my possession was cut short after I applied it. Its chocked full of micro glitter and for me this makes it unwearable on any part of my face other than the eyes.The texture is quite smooth and not too powdery, the colour is a sheer whitened pink and it does work well as an under brow highlighter, albeit a very sparkly one.

I’d previously bought a few of the older shadow singles and was disappointed with their performance, so was pleased to hear that they had been reformulated. I'd heard great reviews of how pigmented they now were, with a really smooth application and great blendability.
Now unless the shade I got, #2 Cashmere Brown (£20), is the exception, I am not seeing the majority of these improvements. The good things about the shadow is that it is pigmented and lasts extremely well and the cool toned brown/taupe with sliver micro glitter works well with my blue eyes.
Now onto the bad, due to the micro glitter I do not find it smooth, it feels powdery, a bit rough and drying. I find it difficult to blend and it applies a bit patchy, I also get glitter fall out. I am disappointed with this and do not think the quality represents the brands image or pricing.
Picture below: #2 Cashmere Brown on lid, pink celebration palette as highlighter.

So far and its not going to well, but luckily the Rouge Pur Couture lipstick stopped this from being a total disaster. This is only my second Rouge Pur Couture and I hadn’t planned to buy anymore, but Gift with purchases do make you forget all that you know. However on this occasion I am really glad I bought this.
Although they are not my favourite formula, as I do not find them moisturising enough, they have good pigment, feel smooth and last really well. The shade I bought is newly released and part of the summer collection, #25 Taupe Raphael (£22.50).
This could pretty much be my signature colour, its a satin finish natural pinky brown with a touch of mauve.

I bought the shadow and lipstick from John Lewis, the pink celebration palette was the gift with purchase, the promotion is still running although I am not sure of the end date.


  1. The lippie looks stunning! Such a lovely shade :) Sure it looks fab on you!

  2. That lipcolor is GORGEOUS! Does it have a scent? The shadow is beautiful on you- that's a shame about the highlighter. That always makes me crazy when things are over the top sparkly for the face. Maybe you can use it on your shoulders/decollete when you get dressed up for an event?? xx

  3. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I hate to think how many pinky/brown lipsticks I have now ;)

    Hello Jeanie,
    It is scented, actually the highlighter seems like its scented as well, YSL do have a thing about adding fragrance to all and everything!
    I think you are right about using it on the shoulders/decollete, it would work a lot better there, although not that I go out much anymore, how sad is that! xx

  4. I'm sorry you had such a disappointing purchase because that #2 Cashmere Brown looks gorgeous on you. I really like the look of #25 Taupe Raphael against your skin, but I worry that my lip pigment would drain all the color from it.

  5. Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thank you, I do really like the shade, just wished it was a better formula.
    My lips aren't that pigmented so it might well vary on you, still if you happen by a YSL it would be worth checking out ;)

  6. The lipstick is a lovely colour. How disappointing about the other two items (shakes fist at GWPs). The eyeshadow is a really nice colour but I don't like the sound of the texture.

    As an aside, I can't get the Chanel Fall collection out of my mind. Is it wrong to want the summer to be over already?!
    Jane x

  7. Hi Jane,
    I just need to somehow develop the ability to ignore GWPs...
    I'm with you on the Chanel, its going to be one to test in person though as the shadows in the pots do look quite shimmery, I just wished we got the America eyeshadow quad version here rather than the unpigmented,dry baked shadows x

  8. It is really annoying that the eyeshadow quads are different. I mean, who decided the European market likes shoddy eyeshadows for preference?!

    I haven't ordered Raisin yet. I've been puzzling over what else to get! It seems crazy to just get one eyeshadow and a palette but it's tricky to know what else to go for. Like you say, there aren't that many swatches about. I then started wondering about pulling the Burberry trigger instead....I do manage to tie myself up in knots sometimes!! x

  9. Hi Jane,
    Yes I cannot understand it, the problem is that that quad has very "us" colours and I think one of us will end up buying it....and going by who has the least restraint I am thinking it will be me ;)
    I did have quite a lot of TM shadows so will probably order some of the shades I used up, I want to try her brushes and also some of the concealers sound quite good, but god knows if they would be light enough.
    I think with Burberry you need to get the rosewood shadow and see how you feel about that before going for a bigger hit x


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