Friday, 1 July 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Cream Eyeshadow Silk Aether: Batiste Grayling

Batiste Grayling is my fourth Rouge Bunny Rouge Cream Eyeshadow. Beautiful packaged as all RBR products.
I really appreciate the formula when I am running low on time and just need something that is effortless yet looks good. They do not feel heavy or drying, they blend easily, the colours are buildable and I find them long lasting.
Batiste Grayling (£26) is a medium toned cool grey with a subtle glow, it doesn’t have the blue undertone which I find a lot of greys do.
In the look below I used another RBR cream shadow, Brocade Skipper all over, Batiste Grayling on the lid and RBR Eye Khol in Vera to line.

I bought this from (they ship worldwide)


  1. I picked this one up as well. It's become one of my go-to shadows for smoky eyes. I like that you can control the intensity by layering and using it as a base for other shadows. I want brocade skipper next. Although, your post on the military/khaki one is pulling me toward that one as well!

  2. I can never find a good grey color that suits me. All the greys I find have a blue undertone like you stated. But this color is very pretty. I have not tried any RBR products yet, I think I might have to try the cream shadows first.

  3. I really like this color, bet it would look nice as a subtle smoky eye.

  4. This looks great on you - I love the simple but pretty colour all over the lid.

  5. I LOVE this! It looks so very pretty on you. I really want it but am so afraid it might be just too cool for me...oh, who am I kidding? I know I'm gonna get it regardless :)
    Have a lovely weekend hon!
    Nina x

  6. This color looks lovely on you! I normally stay away from grays because, although I can wear deep blues, blue-based grays don't look good on me...and they always seem to be blue-based!

    This one looks perfect, though. I might have to try it!

    Thanks for the review!

  7. This is much smokier than I've seen it online. Was it Meeta's swatch where it looks like a cool pale grey? It might also have been on the Isola promo picture. Anyway, this color is definitely a great one for you. I was moderately disappointed with Atlas Swallowtail, and since I love grey eyeshadow, I might consider this in my next Zuneta order.

    Great review, Replica.

  8. That goes so well with your eye color! :) Great review as always, it looks fab on you!!!!

  9. I like this a lot -- looks very sophisticated and pretty! I haven't purchased any RBR yet, but must start a wishlist of all the beautiful items I've seen featured :) xx

  10. Hi pretty addicted,
    They are quite versatile aren't they, now you know you'll end up with them all ;)

    Hello Diane,
    Be warned RBR is very addictive :) The shadows are a good place to start.

    Hi PinkSparkle84,
    Yes that would work nicely :)

    Hi Meeta,
    Thanks ;) I had to get it after seeing your post x

    Hi Nina,
    Thanks :) LOL, it sounds like you have the same thought process I do when I am looking at warmer toned shadows x

    Hi Shannon,
    Thank you :) I have greys pull blue on me a lot as well so I am glad I tried this.

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thank you. I think because Meeta and I have very different skintones it really effects the colour so I think the fairer you are the more smoky it will look.

    Hello Vintage Makeup,
    Thanks so much :)

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thanks :) I have a feeling that your RBR wishlist will be very long and expensive ;) x

  11. I have this one and it comes off more blue grey on me. I only wore it once so far but planning on wearing it again soon. It looks beautiful on you- as always and great review. xx

  12. Hi Jeanie,
    Thank you :) I wonder what makes it come off with a blue tone for you, perhaps because you have a bit more warmth to your skin than me? I do hope you like it as I would imagine it would look really nice with your eyes xx

  13. Wow! That color was made for your eyes. :)

  14. Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup,
    Thank you! I don't tend to get on with a lot of greys so I'm really pleased with this :)


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