Wednesday, 4 January 2012

By Terry Blush Terrybly: Torrid Peach

For the shimmer fantasy holiday collection, By Terry added two shades to their blush terrybly range, #100 Torrid Peach and #101 Sexy Plum (£51 each), this time the blushers have a shimmer finish.
Before I go on I wanted to mention a disappointment. The blush pan was completely loose in the compact and actually fell out when I opened it (luckily it did not break). As the SpaceNK policy says it can take a maximum of 30 working days for a replacement, I decided I didn't want to wait that long nor ask my mother to dig out the order forms (this was a Christmas present). On hindsight I probably should have gone with a replacement as its extremely annoying as it rattles around and does not lay flat unless I press it down.
I have one other terrybly blush and thats fine so I am not sure if its something wrong with the production of this particular shade or whether its a problem with how this was stored, but whatever the reason its not what I would expect from a luxury brand.
This comes in a heavy sleek silver compact with mirror. The texture is soft and silky and it lasts well.The colour is a peach with a pink hue and shimmer that registers as a glow. I think this is one of my favourite cheek shades I have ever come across, its just so delicately pretty and adds a healthy flush to enliven the complexion.
However, I do feel that the pigment of these blushers is quite sheer, and you can tell that the powder is packed down really firmly. Though that's not a problem for me as I only need two swipes due to my paleness, it might be something to consider for those darker skinned.
Swatched below: Torrid Peach on left and my other By Terry blush, Cheek to Cheek Rose, on the right

After I bought my first blush terrybly I had said that I wouldn't pay the high price again, but after trying Torrid Peach I would happily lay down the money for the other shimmer shade Sexy Plum, the only thing stopping me is the worry that I might get it arriving faulty like Torrid Peach.


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  1. That's a lovely peach shade. It seems like it melds to your skin beautifully as well.

    I wonder if it would show up on my skintone? Hmm, seems like I need to pop into SpaceNK!

    Nazia x

  2. Beautiful. You have me lusting now.

  3. Gorgeous, love the look of this xx

  4. Sephora in my town carries By Terry products I believe... haven't been for a while. Seeing these gorgeous shades has me wanting to visit and swatch :)

  5. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Are you going to glue down the pan so it'll stop bugging you?

  6. Hi Nazia,
    It is a beauty, well worth a trip to space NK I think ;)

    Hi Jo,
    I think By Terry is quite a lust worthy range :)

    Hi Georgia,
    I think this shade would look really nice with your skintone :)

    Hi Lucy,
    I would love to see the By Terry line in person, although I would probably go a bit spending crazy ;)

    Hi PerilouslyPale,
    I think I might get my husband to try to glue it down as I don't fare well when I try to "fix" things ;)

  7. I love the design of the blush! It's so pretty, and the colour is gorgeous. I could see it being an everyday staple item. :)

  8. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I have actually been using everyday since I got it, so I think you are onto something there ;)


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