Sunday, 15 January 2012

Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil Set

Laura Mercier brought out a Kohl pencil set for the holidays, the set sold out very quickly, most likely due to the fact that you are getting five full sized Kohl Eye Pencils for £31.
I was rather fortuitous to pick this up in a sale for an even more bargain price of £15.50, though its sold out now from where I bought it I did notice the set pop up on the online SpaceNK sale a few days ago.
All the colours are from the permanent collection.
It includes Black Navy (shimmered navy with a charcoal base), Black Gold (shimmered antique gold with a hint of a charcoal base), Stormy Grey (charcoal grey), Black Violet (very dark, near black purple) and Brown Copper (shimmered warm brown).

Swatches L-R: Black Gold, Brown Copper, Black Navy, Black Violet and Stormy Grey

I do tend to like the texture of these pencils as they are creamy with good pigment and wear well, however I was disappointed with Black Navy as I found it did not apply as smooth as the other shades and was lacking in pigment.
I was hoping to be able to use these as lid shades as well but that went very wrong. On the lid I find them very hard to blend, they go patchy and even with a shadow primer they creased within an hour, so they are not as versatile as liners such as Rouge Bunny Rouge which I often use as lid shades.

Shown below, I really tried to work it with these to make the colours apply smooth with neat edges and it still ending up looking a mess. I've left this picture quite big so hopefully you can see the patchy application.


I bought this from


  1. I can't believe Black Navy looks like that when swatched!! It looked so nice in the pencil close-up...what a let down! Patchy or not, your eye looks are always gorgeous, one day I'll have to pay you to fly over to do my makeup ;) !! I'm really interested in LM's Spring collection...any good? xx

    1. Hi Anna,
      Thank you, your such a sweet talker ;) Yes, you'd expect a nice bright blue from how Black Navy looks in the pencil. I've not yet seen the LM spring in real life (only Dior which was rather too pastel) I do think I'll end up getting some of the lip and cheek shades from LM, I've seen some nice pictures/reviews floating about for the peachy shades xx

  2. Black Gold! It's too bad about Black Navy being not as good. I hate when that happens!

    1. Hi Vintage Makeup,
      It did promise a lot, mind you I can't really grumble though given the price :)

  3. Great review and such a bargain for you! Your make-up looks fab also xx

    1. Hi Cat,
      Thank you :) It was a great price, I did well to nabb it I think as I am usually too slow when it comes to the sales ;)

  4. Hey Replica! I think your eyemakeup and blending is stellar as always.. black gold looks like MAC Orpheus, no? This looks like a nice set to have, I've always wanted LM's Black turquiose and Black Jade eyekohls, do you have those?

    1. Hi Lakshmi,
      Your too kind, I really didn't want to post it but felt the need to show that it wasn't much cop for use as eye shades.
      I'm thinking its a bit more golden that Orpheus?
      I really want black turquiose and Jade as well, I'm sure I have them on one of my to get lists ;) x


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