Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hourglass: Veil Mineral Primer SPF15

When people speak of Hourglass, the one product that is consistently mentioned as their "must have" is their mineral primer, which for many seems to be the best primer out there.
I bought this in the travel size version (£15 for 10ml). This has quite a lightweight feel and I didn't notice it sitting on the skin. It applies very smooth but does have that noticeable silicone feel about it. It makes the skin feel smooth and soft and feels reasonably hydrating on my dry skin. It softens the appearance of my pores, though is not as good as covering them as my Rouge Bunny Rouge primer. It definitely makes make-up last and I felt that my foundation looked almost the same at the end of the day as it had at the beginning.
The one thing that makes me somewhat hesitant over this is that every time I wear it my skin is congested the next day, it maybe a coincidence but I don't feel that I can say that this doesn't cause my acne prone skin problems.
I think for those with dryer skin that don't have a lot of oil breakout, this is easily one of the better primers out there. Personally for me the eye shadows remain the "must have" from the Hourglass range.

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  1. I thought of buying this primer, but now I got second thoughts! I hardly ever get pimples anymore after I got a baby, but some primers do congest my skin. I have been wearing Shiseido pore smoothing corrector lately with great success. However the price is stiff and size is small ;)

  2. Ive got this and I bout it in July as I was travelling to hot and humid climes. I ve noticed breakouts on my cheeks this week, its either the rich festive food or tis primer but this is the first time Ive considered its the primer.

    I may try the RBR next as I had a sample of both before I took the plunge. Thanks for the review.

  3. Hi Flyavsted,
    I don't have much luck with primers (the RBR one is the only one I can wear), so you might be fine with the Hourglass one if you are not very acne prone, you can order a sample of it from, so it might be worth trying? :)

    Hi Imo,
    I hear you on the rich festive food, mind you think its more my waistline that is suffering from that :)
    I do think the RBR is a better primer overall, though the Hourglass is probably better on dryer skin.

  4. Replica - I have sensitive, acne-prone skin too. I just tried a deluxe sample of this, and the next day my skin was congested like yours was. Oh well, back to the drawing board :P

  5. oh dear thats not good! well at least it was a sample.
    Have you tried the RBR one, if not it might be worth you getting a sample of that next time you do a Zuneta order as that one causes my skin no problems :)


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