Wednesday, 11 January 2012

An Introduction to Gielly Green

Gielly Green haircare is a range of products from the boutique salon in Marylebone, London.
I decided to order a selection of products from the brand as I couldn't bring myself to pay the £7 postage so ordered enough to qualify for a free shipping offer they were running.
The products do not contain parabens/sls or synthetic fragrances however some do contain silicones. The products come in sleek, stylish darkened bottles.
Repair Shampoo (£16 for 200ml) – I have to mention the smell which is lovely, its a blend of fleur de vanille and lemongrass, to me it smells slightly spicy yet has a comforting sweetness and a hint of citrus, (the sweetness is somewhat reminiscent of Philosophy's cinnamon buns). I was expecting it to have a very thick texture so was surprised that its actually a normal liquid consistency and feels very lightweight on. It lathers really well and leaves my hair feeling silky and soft, though I do find my very sensitive scalp feels very slightly itchy after use.

Classic Conditioner (£16 for 200ml)– This is not very rich so might not be the best for those with damaged hair, however its a great detangler, its easy to wash out and doesn't leave hair looking greasy, one thing I would say though is that this does not combat static ( my hair is very static prone). The scent is not as sweet as the shampoo, but is very pleasant nonetheless (its scent its noted as pamplemousse and cassis).

Ingredients: Conditioner, Shampoo

Repair mask (£6 for the 50ml travel sized version) : This is designed for Curly, Problematic damaged & Coloured hair and its advised to leave it on 10-15 minutes. It has quite a thick, smooth texture yet rinses out surprisingly easily. It gets rid of any knots (which I am very prone to) and my hair is left looking smooth,shiny and more healthy but not weighed down.
It also has the same gorgeous scent as the Repair shampoo.

Body Wash (£12 for 300ml)- I bought the lemon and muguet scent, its a very clean and refreshing scent, slightly citrus. This does not irritate my skin and lathers up very well, though its not as moisturising as I would like.
I couldn't get a clear picture of the ingredients of the body wash but the Gielly Green site does list all the ingredients (I wish more sites would do this).

For me the Repair Mask is the star of the show here as it really does deliver tangible results and I'll be buying the full size.

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  1. The scent sounds lovely! Thanks for introducing this brand to your readers, I had never heard of it. :)

    1. Hi Vintage Makeup,
      I do hope they come out with a showergel in the same scent :) I always like trying out new brands and saw this getting some good reviews on a few blogs :)

  2. I like the sound of the repair mask very much. I'd heard of the salon before but hadn't realised they had their own range of products too. Thanks for sharing.
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane,
      Glad it was of interest, the mask is really nice, I wished I'd gone for the full size now, see what happens when I try and be sensible getting the travel size ;) x


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