Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dior Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Pink Glow

The Summer Bird of Paradise Collection offers two bronzer/blush duos, Coral glow (which contains a deeper,warmer, bronzer) and the lighter of the two, Pink glow (£40).

The palette comes with a  small kabuki brush (the same as with the My Lady Palette). Its quite soft and works well to pack on product though I think its more suitable for highlighter/finishing powder than for a blush/bronzer application.

The compact is quite heavy and contains a mirror.

The product has good pigment, so I apply gingerly. The bronzer does not have any overly orange nor yellow tones, so is great for pale skins looking for a realistic healthy look.
The blusher shade is a reasonably bright warm pink with a sheen finish, the shades combined result in more of a coral pink effect.

The powder feels smooth and silky, blends effortlessly and has a long wear. Its a high quality product that is versatile in its application (should you wish for a sheer or more intense look) and the pans are big enough that you can can wear the bronzer and blusher separately.


I bought this from John Lewis


  1. nice product and great colors! but it's dark for me, so sad=(

  2. On no that's a shame, I'm very pale and was surprised by how wearable it was :)

  3. I tried this today in the coral - it's so pretty though I think the pink is probably better suited to my skin tone.

    Why am I only discovering your blog now? Absolutely love it & excited as we have similar taste and colouring :)

    Nic x

    1. Thanks Nic :) Its always really helpful to find a blogger with similar tastes/complexion. I do think the pink would be worth a try for you, I am still reaching for this almost daily :)


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