Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette

There was a feeling of regret after I bought this, it was not a planned purchase, but I happened to spot it and couldn't resist the pretty array of colours.

I am fully aware that I can rarely get away with wearing warm tones on my eyes which is why this is a "what was I thinking" buy. This palette (£36) is a mix of warms and cool but the warms do not err towards neutrality, instead they are blazing hot warms.
Can I wear any of the warm shades....heck no.

I think there is always a risk involved when brands put both warm/cool colours in the same palette and I think given that the cooler shades are on the whole darker and are not extreme cools, its more likely that someone who can wear warms could pull this off as a whole rather than someone who looks best in cool tones.
Dry swatches below,

The shades all have great pigment (though really come to life when used wet) feel quite smooth and blend nicely.
The finishes are mostly shimmer and I feel would be better placed on skin younger than mine. There is a bit of colour fade (even with a base) and I find using too many of the shades can lead to murkiness (as you can see from my photo below) but overall for the price its a good quality palette.


I bought this from Boots.


  1. What a pretty palette Replica. In fact these look like my kind of colours. I like the gold shade on your lids a lot. It looks good my dear.

    1. I bet these shades would look great on you :) Nice to hear you like the shade on me, have to say that it does scare me somewhat ;)

  2. I love the palette, Replica! I like the combination of both cool and warm tones in one palette so I can match them whenever I wish.

  3. It would be a good palette for those able to wear both cool and warm, I thought the price was really good :)

  4. Wish I lived near you- you could take the cool colors and I'd take the warm!

    1. ;) that would be very handy, I'd have quite a lot as I always seem to end up buying things too warm :)


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