Sunday, 23 June 2013

Liz Earle Make up

Relatively new to the makeup scene (I think the line launched around May 2012), I can't say the imagery/descriptions of the Liz Earle range really caught my attention and instead its been more of a slow burner whereby I've picked up bits and pieces here and there.

As you'd expect from the Liz Earle brand the colour palette is very much about natural, east to wear shades. I think they have priced themselves well (mid-end, similar to MAC pricing). Packaging is functional and simplistic.
The shadows (£13.50 each) tend to have a matte or slightly shimmery finish. The shimmers have a soft, creamy feel and better pigment, whereas I find the mattes dryer in feel and less pigmented however both finishes apply and blend well.

Golden sand is a warm yellowed beige with slight shimmer, it makes a nice lid wash for a clean, refreshed look. I think this would work best on those who suit warmer toned shades.

Taupe is a matte cool toned taupe. I actually think very few brands can produce actual cool toned matte taupes, so this is a great find.

Signature Lip Colour in Azalea (£14) is a soft coral. The lipstick feels quite balm like and is comfortable.

The Blend & Contour Brush (£12.50) has a soft long sculpted head. It picks up just the right amount of colour and blends in extremely well with a delicate touch so as not to displace product. The brush has a tendency to fluff out quite a bit after washing so its worth re-shaping when wet.

Though the range doesn't give me that giddy glee like some of my favourite brands, I do think it has definite merits and I will continue to purchase more from the line. Overall quality is good and the colours and ease of application make this a very no fuss, mistake proof, flattering range.

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  1. I am pleasantly suprised by LE makeup, I especially like the foundation and the concealer which has remarkable staying power under the eyes. My problem is that it just doesn't make its way into my general useage enough. Thanks Clare, you have reminded me to explore this range a bit more.

    1. Hi Jan,
      It does have some great items, I really like the mascara as well as these, I'm going to try the powder blushes next, I do like to work my way through a line :) x

  2. this look beautiful !
    its nice to buy solid basics once in a while :)

    1. Yes, your right, I get the feeling there will be quite a few things from this line that I end up using all the time :)


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