Saturday, 27 February 2010

Chanel Sand and Sillage

Although my Chanel collection has diminished to a puny state compared to its past glory days, I still can’t resist a few things here and there. The Spring collection is more geared to those warm toned in my opinion, this does make a nice change from the usual pastel cool colours which seem to be prevalent around Spring.
I picked up the singles in Sand and Sillage. The texture of the singles are quite soft and silky, they do not look really powdery on and last quite well.

Sand is a medium neutral matte brown (which I’m glad to say does not pull orange on me like a lot of browns do).
Sillage is a warm shimmery peachy pink.

Not must haves in my opinion, but handy to have when you are in a rush and just want to put something on without too much effort that gives a neutral polished look.


  1. Thank you for this swatche, i was looking for them. I do really love «sand». Does it last for a long time in a day?

  2. Hi Isa,
    I have to use an eye primer to get them to last all day without colour fade, I just use Too Faced shadow insurance with them and they are fine :)


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