Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Perfume of his Gaze sheer lipstick

I really liked the RBR Etna’s Plume look ( of deep grey smoky eyes and a subtle nude lip. I already had a few items in the look (Original Skin Blush 'Gracilis', 'Grey Go-away Lourie’ and 'Blackpepper Jay matte shadows).
The lipstick in the look, 'Perfume of his Gaze' (£21), appeared as a tan beige, had this been any other brand I think I would have stayed clear as this sort of colour usually washes me out and looks off, but I have had so much success with RBR that I figured it would be wearable.
I am glad to say it is, whilst it is a true tan beige (there is no overly peach or pink hues in this) it somehow manages to look extremely natural on, giving me a sheer glossy beige lip. I have always wanted to be able to wear this type of colour so am really pleased to have finally found something that works for me.

RBR lipsticks are hydrating and very comfortable on, the formula is very nourishing and when my lips are showing any signs of dryness I always reach for a RBR as not only does it not show up any flaky bits but at the end of the day my lips feel softer so there is definitely a skincare benefit with these as well.

Here is a picture of it with my other two sheer lipsticks (Tongue tickles and Dark Juices) so that you can see the colour against other shades.

For a picture of all my other RBR lipsticks please see here:

I buy all my RBR from, they are a UK based company but do international shipping as well.


  1. Hello my dear Replica, I've been absent for a while, sorry! Ah, I'm still holding back on a new RBR order, but I don't think it's going to be for much longer...this looks delicious, like honey-glaze, I wonder if it would show on my lips, though. What do you think?? xx

  2. Hi Replica, thanks for the post. I can hardly wait to order some RBR products. I think the shipping to Canada is a little pricey but I have read nothing but good things about Zuneta and their service. I love their packaging.

  3. Thanks for posting these. I've been dying to try this line but can't justify the shipping price to the US. I will live vicariously through my UK friends. Thanks for the lovely pics and review :)

  4. Hi Anna,
    I wondered where you were ;)I think it will show up on you but will be quite sheer, maynot be enough colour for you, thats not very helpful is it! I've already got my next RBR order planned!

    Hello Anna,
    I think you should try RBR if you can, shipping can be an issue, although I paid $25 for an Edward Bess one so probably not one to talk :)

    Hi Sabrina,
    Glad you like, I think you would really like RBR going by the other brands that work for you, hopefully they will expand their outlets soon so that you can get them.


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