Wednesday, 3 February 2010

RMK Super Liquid Basic Concealer and Irresistible Lips

RMK’s Super Liquid Basic Concealer (£19) is not an illuminating type of concealer (like YSL Touche Eclat) instead its marketed as a liquid version of their basic concealer.
The texture is quite thick and if offers medium coverage, it lasts well, although I’d say it has a slightly powdery finish so if you have a dry under eye area this may not be for you. I choose the lightest shade 01 and whilst it’s slightly too dark it is wearable but probably better for those who are a MAC NC/NW 20/25.
Swatch on the left is it blobbed on, on the right blended in
I also bought Irresistible Lips C 24: Translucent Shiny Pink (£15) .The lipstick has a very wet/slick feel to it. The colour is a beautiful glossy shimmery cool pink but the lasting power is fleeting, I would like to try one of their n range ones as those are meant to be more colour infused.
The swatch on the left is swiped a few times, on the right just once so that you can see that the colour is quite sheer as it looks quite bright in the tube.
I bought my RMK from who do ship internationally for those of you outside the UK. A lot of the things I would like to buy from RMK are unfortunately not available online, so my future purchase’s of this brand will depend on whether expands the range they offer.


  1. I bought this concealer yesterday after visiting the counter. I know exactly what you mean about the dry texture. Even the SA said it was best applied over an eye cream (I'm still failing in that area!). So far, so good though it is a touch yellow. If this was the colour of my moisturecover it would be perfect!
    Jane x

  2. Hello Jane,
    I gave mine to my mum in the end, I still haven't found the right concealer for my undereyes, I bought the moisture cover and do really like it although think I need heavier coverage x


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