Sunday, 31 January 2010

Paul & Joe: Mesmerize, RPM and Boulevard

I had noticed that ASOS had the Paul & Joe Mesmerise palette on sale for £11, naturally I couldn't resist. The palette contains a very sheer glittery lilac, a mauved brown and a deep slightly blue toned charcoal. I'd say they were neutral to cool. I don't think they are necessarily stand out shades but it gives a nice easy to wear look, as below,

I got a single Shadow in shade Boulevard, this was also on sale and looks like its gone down in price even further since I got my order. The shadow texture is very soft so please bear in mind that it has come out a lot more intense on my swatch (I just use my finger to swatch) than when I apply it on the eye. I think this is quite a difficult to describe shade, its like a sheer shimmered beige with pink and gold tones.
Lastly I got RPM lipstick which was not on sale (£14). The is a neutral pinky rose,with a slight bit of beige. To be honest I probably have a load of similar shades but I always gravitate towards the same colours. The formula is quite comfortable to wear, not overly creamy nor drying, the cardboard packaging, whilst really cute I don't think I'd risk putting this in my handbag as it may get damaged.
Swatches L-R:Mesmerize, Boulevard, RPM lipstick (Please click to enlarge)

I had heard a lot of negative things about ordering from ASOS, this is the first time I ordered from them and although it wasn't that well packaged it did come quickly ( even though I selected the super saver option).

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