Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hourglass Eyeshadow Duo in Exhibition

This is my third Hourglass duo, I was expecting the lighter shade to be more sheer but what I get is a dusky mauve and intense smokey plum, both shades have subtle shimmer .The darker shade is so pigmented that I think I will use it mostly as a liner. In my eye pic below I did use it very lightly in the crease and then really tried to blend it but as you can still its still quite dark.

If you want a a really effortless smokey look that is different from the normal greys/charcoals, then this is the duo for you.
I got this from and its Costs £28. The hourglass range is very small but I like everything I have from them. These shadows are free from Sulfates,fragrance and Phthalates. I find the shadows pigmented, smooth and they don't seem to fade. I'm hoping they expand the shadow range as I think there is only one more I'll get from the current range.


  1. Oh dear, it's been a bad day. So of course I decided to cheer myself up by looking at this eyeshadow duo again. It looks so, so pretty. Why is it that the worse the day, the more expensive the make up? I've also been looking at your Le Metier de Beaute pieces. Very tempting...

  2. Hello,
    I know what you mean; unfortunately I keep having bad workdays so keep buying more and more makeup!
    You know your going to end up with one of the Hourglass duo's soon.. I really like my Le Metier, such a small selection online though, otherwise think I would have bought a lot more x

  3. I love this duo, it's so gorgeous! Lovely look you did, I don't think it's too dark on you.:)

  4. Hi Sonia,
    Thanks :) I have been getting quite a lot of use out of this, really love the texture of Hourglass shadows.


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