Saturday, 9 January 2010

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé

I’ve had some real duds from LM but have always been intrigued by the Lip Glacé. I thought the mini Lip Glacé set released for the holidays would give me a good selection to try.
The colours are (all are shimmery):

Pink Diamond: silvery base, with very subtle pink tone, almost transparent, I think this will show up as just shimmer on the majority so probably best used layering rather than on its own.
Violet: cool toned pink with a hint of lavender
Bellini: Peach/apricot
Baby Doll:sheer slightly warmed pink
Ambre Rose:Bronze with golden shimmer.
Swatches (please click to enlarge) are L-R Pink Diamond,Violet,Bellini,Baby Doll,Ambre Rose.

They are all scented (smells like Vanilla to me).

Texture/performance wise, they give a very shiny glossy finish,they are medium thickness which enables them to last quite well and I don't get any bleeding from them. There are some really beautiful easy to wear colours in the range and Violet seems to be quite a popular one. I do however find them a little bit sticky/tacky (I am rather fussy about this) and whilst I like the ones I have I won’t buy anymore due to this.

I bought this from SpaceNK.


  1. I actually have Bellini (only LM lip product I have, ordered from the UK with a couple of other LM items without having seen it before in my life!) and like it quite a lot! Of course, considering what I paid for the shipping I'd like it even if it was the most horrible product in the world!! xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    Yes, international shipping seems to be so much these days, I just ordered some Edward Bess and that was $25 shipping so I'll have to make sure I like it xx

  3. Where did you order Edward Bess stuff from?? I always have problems when ordering makeup from outside the EU (apparently in Italy it's forbidden to import makeup from a non-European country unless you first alert the health authorities!!) but I'd love to get my hands on something from much talked about Edward Bess...despite the $25 shipping (yikes!) xx

  4. Hi Anna,
    The website has been updated so they now ship internationally. It might be best you wait to see if I get mine ok first though before ordering as I am not too pleased so far, I selected a cheaper shipping, they told me they cancelled it as I needed to select the $25 one and they refunded me less that I originally paid!


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