Sunday, 10 January 2010

Paul & Joe:First Impressions Part 1

Its taken me a long time to get round to trying Paul and Joe but the sale on at and some enticing blog posts was enough to push me over the edge, there is still some stuff left but its going really quickly.

I got Limited edition lipstick shade 062, Eye colour palette ingénue (I think these were part of the spring 2009 release) and Lipstick N shade #29.

The lipstick textures are smooth and feel quite moisturising on, they have a glossy finish and pigment is quite sheer. I’d say both colours apply lighter than they look in the tube. Shade #62 is a beautiful natural nude pink; it has a really glossy finish to it so it makes lips look fuller. This is very sheer so if you have pigmented lips I don’t think this is for you. Shade #29 is like a step up from #62 in terms of pigmentation, its more pink and has silver shimmer. I’d say both are neutral tones. Picture below with flash
Picture below without flash
Swatches L-R:#062,#29
Although they aren’t as moisturising as my RBR or as pigmented as my Le Metier they are really pretty colours for those who like a natural look and I already have my eye on a few other shades.

The eyecolour palette contains a beige champagne, Medium brown, and deep charcoaled brown. Not unique shades by any means but I do think I don’t have a dupe for the middle colour as it has a really nice almost golden sheen to it. I think this is wearable for those cool or warm.
The lighter shades have a soft texture and whilst pigmentation is quite good the darkest shade definitely feels dryer in texture so I get quite a bit of flyaway. They do blend nicely and whilst I don’t think they exceed my other favorite brands I’m sure I’ll end up with some more of the limited edition palettes as I think the packaging is really cute and stands out from the other brands on offer. Picture of eye palette design below
Part 2 of my review will feature the under eye concealer, blush and loose eye shadow as I want to use them a bit more before giving you my review. Some of the items in the first picture (concealer,blusher,vanity case) where non sale ones I ordered from


  1. I love all things cute and Paul and Joe are cute. Fortunately a small amount of the Paul and Joe collection is available here in Toronto. Good post!!

  2. I must say, for all my P&J raves, I've never tried their eyeshadows! They've always looked too normal to me...:) The lippies look really nice, especially #29. Really interested in reading your review on the face colour! xx

  3. Hi Anna,
    Thanks, they are very cute,they do seem not to be generally available everywhere though, so good you have access.

    Hello Anna,
    I know what you mean, although I have been bad and ordered another shadow palette :) I think you'd like #29 xx

  4. OOoooh! Pretty! Great picks! I have all those colors and love them. The pinks look great on your skin :)

  5. Thanks Lina, I selected the colours based on your great pictures on your site and have a few more things on the way x

  6. Paul & Joe is definitely the brand, which pays the most attention to packaging, love them. Unfortunately they are unavailable where I live :(

  7. Hi Eli,
    Such a shame when you can't get the brand. I always get their stuff online (never have seen it in person) and I would say that they have all been quite safe buys, not got any strange unexpected colours ;)

  8. It's just that I need to feel and touch whatever I'm bying, so that's why I'll never get used to online shopping. I'm trying hard to get over that, though :D

  9. Hi Eli,
    Thats the spirit ;) You know I probably do the majority of my makeup buys online, I have ended up with a few things not at all like I thought.


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