Friday, 12 February 2010

Lubatti skincare : Moisturiser and Sparkling Eye Gel

Lubatti is a skincare and bath/body range. The line was launched by facialist, Tracey Malone (Jo Malone’s sister).
The Lubatti image seems to be similar to that of Jo Malone, I’d say its one that is elegant and quite luxurious, yet with a simplicity of products not making unattainable claims.
As I really like the white cleansing cream (I’m on my second bottle) I’d thought I buy some more items.
The Gorgeous Day Moisturiser Honey & Almond (£30) is meant to be “deeply nourishing and provides the perfect 'pick me up' for tired and dehydrated skin”. From this description I was expecting quite a heavy-duty cream but it was surprising light in feel and sank in almost immediately, the finish was very smooth and silky. The reason this is not something I continued to use is it was not quite moisturising enough (I have dry skin) and whilst it was great on no makeup days if I tried to put on foundation it balled up every time, in the end I tried patting on my foundation and that seemed OK but it just didn’t seem worse the hassle.
The other item I bought was the Sparkling Eye Gel with Green Tea Extract & Aloe Vera (£28). The gel is very light, and did feel nice and soothing on. I think it did help with the puffiness I had but its not a re-buy for me as it did not moisturise the area which made putting on concealer troublesome.

I’m not writing the brand off, as I do really like their cleanser and their bath oils look really nice. I think the mere fact that the cream did not break me out is impressive (in over 6 years I have only found about 3 moisturiser that don't break me out or cause a reaction)
The Lubatti Collection is available from SpaceNK and they also have their own website you can order from if your in the UK,

Just to mention that with skincare I use it for a while before reviewing so at to hopefully give you a more true reflection of the product (in this case it was about a month and a half)


  1. It can be a complete pain to find skincare that works for reactive skin. Have you tried Stem Organics moisturiser? I find that really reliable.

    Thanks for the review - it is particularly helpful when the reviewer has used it for a while.

  2. Hi Grace,
    I've just ordered some Snowberry skincare but if that doesn't work for me I'll buy the Stem Organics one as I had a look at the site and it does look promising, thanks :)

  3. Oh, I'm interested in how you find the Snowberry, will watch out for that.


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