Sunday, 13 March 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

Having quickly swatched all but one of the shades, I can say that the new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks have a semi sheer texture, even those that look quite bright in the tube.
They feel lightweight on and hydrating. The finish seems to be more of a shine, rather than noticeable shimmer.
They come in the same style packaging as the Rouge Coco but slimmer in size, the product size is listed as 3g/0.1.oz.

I bought two shades but to be honest with you I think I could have had nearly all of them, they just seem so wearable for those who like to sport a more natural lip.

Shade #48 Évasion is a sheer creamy peach. Shade #50 Rivage is a fresh pink with a tiny hint of warmth.

They cost me £22.50 each and I think that is reasonable pricing for a high end brand.

I think these are lovely lipsticks: beautiful shade range with a glossy shiny finish that applies with ease and feels comfortable on. The only downside is that they do not last long, but that's often the case for these types of lipsticks.

Just to mention that they have samples of their new mascara, Sublime de Chanel. I've not tried it yet, but might be worth asking for one when you next past a counter.


  1. I think these look really interesting and have been admiring swatches on Cafe Makeup. I have an idea that these would be a good lipstick to carry around in the pushchair on my endless school/nursery runs! x

  2. I cannot wait to get my hands on these! Seeing all the swatches has whetted my appetite no end...
    I'm sure you will enjoy these very much, they definitely look like your kind of shades :)
    Nina x

  3. Both shades are pretty and definitely great for MLBB looks. Like you, I agree the wear time is poor. It's really too bad since I really like the texture of these lipsticks. Thanks for the beautiful swatches.

  4. Shade #48 Évasion is gorgeous! :)

  5. These look lovely, I wonder if the texture is similar to the Aqualumieres? I am also interested to see what the mascara is like as the brush looks interesting. There are so many new lip products out at the moment that I would love to try more of but I can't get through my existing products fast enough.

  6. I absolutely adore these having picked up two like you on Friday. I had such a hard time choosing which two to get as they all look so wearable. I am amazed at how comfortable they are on the lips and for me, less wear time is a small price to pay for something that feels so moisturising. I can't wait to pick up some more. I will have to ask for a mascara sample next time I visit the counter as I got the Rouge Coco Shine mini palette instead, not that I'm complaining, maybe it is because the sales assistant thought I spent far too long choosing my shades!

  7. Had a play with these on the Chanel counter yesterday and was sorely tempted, at the time had heart set on MAC gaga 11 nude lipstick so held off but my boots card may yet take a battering!

  8. the swatches look gorgeous! I am picking up the Rouge coco shine in Boy soon

  9. I'm addicted to these! I want all of them but my favourites are Evasion and Boy.

  10. Lovely! Can't wait for these come out here in the US and excited for the summer collection too... Enjoy!

  11. Well, they don't look very shiny, but it may be just the light... The shades though are simply amazing

  12. I can't wait for this to come to my Nordstrom counter - you are so lucky!

  13. Hi Jane,
    I like your thinking about putting one in the pushchair, I think you will see quite a lot of shades you like the look of x

    Hi Nina,
    In some ways I wish I didn't like as many, I was actually contemplating if I could buy two shades every month... x

    Hi Kristie,
    The wear time is a bit disappointing, but I am going to try and overlook that ;)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I do think that will be a popular one, I'm sure I saw that one being used in a Pixiwoo tutorial.

    Hi Meeta,
    I've used up the Aqualumieres I had, from memory I would say these have less slip and the finish is more shiny, I did really like the Aqualumieres though. I tried the new mascara sample I had today and I am not wowed by it,gives length but not thickness.

    Hi Lipstick Luvvie,
    So between us, we will end up with a little army of them ;)
    Of course I will now have to try and get the mini palette sample when I next go there :)

    Hi Debbie,
    I too was very drawn to the new Gaga shade but felt that it would be too nude for me to pull off. You just need a Boots triple points thing to come on to soften the blow ;)

    Hi Jen W,
    Boy is the one next on my list as well :)

    Hello PinkSparkle84,
    I know, I am already planning my next trip to the counter, such a shame pay day is so far away!

    Hi Lakshmi,
    I'll have to have another look at the summer release info on the blogs, but am sure that the eye quad looked very interesting. The fall stuff that has been popping up looks really nice as well with the cream shadow pots x

    Hi Eli,
    You know you are right, they don't look shiny on my wrist, you'll just have to go with me on this one, they definitely are when applied on lips :)

    Hello Lexi920,
    I'm surprised it seems to have been released here earlier, I wasn't too impressed by the normal Rouge coco formula so these are a welcome addition :)

  14. I love the colors you got !They look so adorable !

  15. Hi AnnaYJia,
    They are lovely, I want more and more ;)

  16. I love your Evasion swatch--- I can't resist a good peach color! I love seeing swatches of rouge coco shines, but I'm still nervous about the actual color payoff on lips. I can't wait til they come to the US!

  17. Hi Dovey,
    It is a lovely shade for spring/summer. I would say its worth testing these instore in terms of colour payoff as I know that some of the ones that looked rather bright were actually quite sheer.

  18. The Coco Rouge Shine are in my current wishlist! Eyeing Fetiche & Boy if I have to pick 2 hahaha ;p
    I notice you have quite a collection of Hourglass =) I'm such a fan of Hourglass myself hehehe... Just found your blog and liking it that I followed!

    Do check out my blog at

  19. Hi blushfully,
    I can't think what colour Fetiche is, will have to have another look at them.
    Hourglass is one of my favourite brands, I am really looking forward to their new eye palette coming out :)

  20. You picked beautiful shades!!!
    Now I definitely want to try some of them!!!

  21. Hi Tina,
    I have already made myself a long list of the other shades I want, now just need to find a pot of gold somewhere :) x


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