Friday, 11 March 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme, Pink Cult and Marquise d’

Mac’s newest lip formula, Sheen Supreme are creamy and feel quite moisturising. The finish is very shiny/glossy and I do not find them long wearing.

Bare again is a slightly warm, pinky beige. Impressive is a browned rose (£13.50 each).
Swatches L-R : Impressive, Bare again

The pigmentation is good on these, however the formula is perhaps a bit too soft and I did squish the ends of these just with doing a 2 swipe swatch, I’d be hesitant to keep these in my handbag during the warmer months due to this softness.

Lipstick ingredients:
I did cast my eye over the Wonder Women collection, I really dislike the packaging so was hoping to pass on it but I couldn’t resist Marquise d’ (£15).
Its a lustre finish and is a sheer pinky/peach nude with a golden sheen.
From the Jeanius collection I picked up the blusher in pink cult (£17).

I really need to stop buying MAC blushers as I am never completely happy with how they apply, which is often patchy. This shade is a lot more pigmented than I expected and applies as a matte neutral toned dusty pink.

Blusher ingredients:
Every time I come out of the MAC store I do have a hint of regret, I always seem to end up with something that doesn't work for me, but I can't seem to break the habit of going to the store every month for the new collection releases and I'm not the sort of person who can simple just browse new makeup.


  1. I am the same way--it's hard to walk away empty handed from a new MAC collection! :) I got Marquise D and Pink Cult as well. I do like the lipstick, but haven't tried out the blush yet. It does look very pigmented in your swatch :)

  2. Ooooh, I like the look of Impressive! And I am so jealous you managed to get Marquise D'...I was lusting after it but wasn't quick enough. It is sold out on the website now.
    Enjoy hon and have a great weekend!
    Nina x

  3. Hey!! I love the colors you picked! Were you a fan of the erstwhile slimshines? I've never tried those, but these look interesting! I'm interested in trying the new cremeblend blushes too.. you know that there is NO such thing as too many blushes right? ;)

  4. I love the color of the wonder woman one!

  5. Like Nina, I missed out on Marquise D' on the website. I really ought to go and look at the counter in Oxford to see if they have as it would be a shame to miss the boat again.

    I'm shocked comparing the swatch to the Pink Cult pan, it's much darker than I would have expected. I'm much "better" with MAC than I used to be but I don't think I would be quite so good if I was closer to the shops!
    Jane x

  6. Marquise D' is very nice and I was tempted but didn't get it, I do like some of the packaging (like the quad palettes) in the way it embraces the Wonderwoman theme/colours but overall it does't feel very me. I do like the Supreme Sheen lipsticks you have picked, I am wondering whether to get a couple more shades (although if they are permanent, guess I don't need to rush to get them). I never used to have a MAC counter near me until about 5/6 years ago and then I started buying a lot more (before then I had only ever bought 3 things from them). Recently I have got much better and been able to resist new things from them as my attentions have gone towards other brands.

  7. Yes, I disappeared again, and yes, my son's ill again, in case you were wondering! Impressive looks cute and MArquise d' does too...however I don't think I'll get anything from the current MAC collections. This will sound strange to you, but actually the only MAC products that I use regularly are the blushes! Perhaps I have a happy hand with them, who knows! I think it was your birthday recently, am I right? Hope you had a great day, and I'm sure we'll see the presents you family got you in the next few posts :)! Big birthday hug, xx

  8. I loved everything you got! I love the colours sooo much. These are the exact colours I'm looking for, actually!

  9. Hey! Guess what I went to the MAC store today and came back with 2 cremeblend blushes in Posey and Tea Petal and Supreme sheen lipstick in Impressive! There were a couple more of the supremesheens that caught my eye, might go back for them... :)

  10. Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Well at least I am in good company then ;). The blush is a bit too much for me, I have been applying it with a powder brush so as to diffuse the colour somewhat.

    Hello Nina,
    I can have a look in my store to see if they have any Marquise D left if you want, won't be till Tuesday though? x

    Hi Lakshmi,
    I had one slimshine, wasn't overly impressed by it. I did really like the look of Ultra Darling as well that Meeta has.
    I see you have my makeup control ;) I did really like the look of the new cream blushers but tried to have a bit of restraint! Not sure that it will last long mind you x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I am really glad I got it as I missed out when it was first released.

    Hi Jane,
    Yes, I thought the blush would be a hint of pink type colour, its not really working for me to be honest, think I am too pale for it x

    Hi Meeta,
    I really want to get Ultra darling after your post, although like you I need to remind myself that they are permanent.Unfortunately my makeup attentions seem to be encompassing all and everything ;)

    Hello Anna,
    I did wonder that your disappearance was due to your little boy. The poor little thing, must be so distressing and disruptive for him. I can only wonder that he is going through a bout of illness to then have a clean break from any ill health for a long time. I really hope he is on the mend now. Hugs to you both.
    It was my birthday recently,thanks, there might have been a bit of makeup involved of the D&G variety.
    Perhaps I don’t get on with MAC blushers as my skin isn’t very smooth and is dry, probably difficult to work with! xx

    Hello Emily,
    Well what good taste we have ;) I do tend to gravitate towards the more neutral, wearable shades :)

  11. Awww, you're very sweet! Don't worry hon, I've got class on Thursday and I'll probably pop into the Covent Garden store. And if they're all sold out, oh well, I guess I'll be "forced" to relieve the pain by having a quick browse on Zuneta for a little something BRB ;-)))
    Thanks so much though...

  12. You are absolutely right-- I almost got a brighter pink that i think might have been Ultra Darling! I want to go back for it!!! And I think the blushcremes are really good, check them out--love the texture! Ladyblush is next perhaps...? *rolls eyes*

  13. The wonder woman lippie looks lovely. Itll be a nice one to use when you dont have a mirror handy me thinks.

  14. Hi Lakshmi,
    Looks like we are both set to get Ultra Darling than ;) I'll make sure to check out the blushers in more detail, think there was a peach one that I liked the look of x

    Hello Imo,
    You are absolutely right, it is a swipe and go type lipstick :)

  15. Actually, I really like the look of Bare Again, looks like a very wearable shade!!!
    On the downside, I could imagine these running out fairly quickly (sounds like they'd require frequent application to get the colour to show throught the day)!!!


  16. Hi Tina,
    I do think you would like Bare Again, I think you are right that they could run out quickly, although I think in the last two years its only some of my RBR lipsticks I have used up, guess I have too many! ;)


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