Friday, 25 March 2011

La Mer The Eye Balm Intense: update

I have recently finished my La Mer The Eye Balm Intense, so thought I’d give you my final thoughts. It lasted me a bit less than 3 months, applying every day morning and night.
The positives is that it makes a good smooth base for concealer, my lines were slightly softened and I had a slight decrease of puffiness.
For me this cream did not perform to justify its £95 price tag. Whilst there was some improvement, I have had similar results from the Sarah Chapman eye cream which is half the price.
Such slight changes are difficult to capture on my camera. I have therefore taken two pictures in slightly different lights, and added it to the before and after photo in my last review.
In the brighter light it does look there is some improvement in the final eye photo:
However in slightly darker light it actually looks worse:
I think this highlights that what change there was, it was subtle. A lot of people have experienced amazing results from this product but for me I still stay firm in my view that this is not a miracle cream and doesn’t out perform a lot of cheaper brands I have tried.


  1. For the price it should have done more, too bad :(

  2. Mmmm, yes, agreed, not worth the hefty price-tag, that's a real shame...or not, depending on the point of view (more money to spend on other stuff, of course)! Is your kid letting you sleep enough?? Mine's been ill again, twice in the last three weeks, not joking, I even had to postpone his birthday party (18 screaming children...never again!!!!) Have a great weekend, xxx

  3. Thanks so much for the update and the great before/after photos. The more info we have about these expensive eye creams the better IMO!

  4. Well, at least you've tried it and now you know.

    It's really helpful to have a review like this after longer use, so think of what you've saved everyone else ;)

  5. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Yes, I am not quite over how much I paid for it ;)

    Hi Anna,
    So sorry to hear that he keeps getting ill, you must feel like its almost constant, we need to find some super pills to keep him well!My Boy has not been too bad, but did have one night recently where he was up from midnight and just didn't go back to sleep AT ALL until 19:00 the following night, I can't remeber feeling so tired, could have really done with a good eye cream! xx

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you,I am always a bit hesitant of posting these types of pics as they are so unflattering but did hope it would help :)

    Hi Grace,
    Do I sound bitter ;) Glad its of help, I am hopeful that it will save someone money. I've just ordered the Snowberry eye cream so lets hope that works x


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