Sunday, 27 March 2011

No7 Poppy King

I tend to associate Poppy King with style and uniqueness so I was interested to see her input into the No7 collaboration.
All the lipstick shades are sheer but buildable. They have no shimmer and the finish is more of a sheen. Both lipsticks and glosses feel hydrating and comfortable on, I am very pleased to say that the glosses only have a slight stickiness to them.
I bought each of these with those £5 off vouchers Boots gives out. I would however of happily paid the full price, £12 for the lipsticks and £11 for the glosses as I do think the quality/performance is equal to lipsticks/glosses of similarly priced brands such as Too Faced and Urban Decay.
Its rare that I rate a drugstore product but I am really pleased by these.
Lipsticks L-R:Allure, Intrigue, Glamour, Confidence
I would say all the colours are accessible and easy to wear. Allure is a Peach nude, Intrigue is a rosy your lips but better, Glamour is a pink and Confidence is a warm nude.
I also got two glosses: Allure (peachy/pink) and Intrigue (rosy)
Swatches L-R: Allure gloss, Allure lipstick, Intrigue, Glamour, Confidence, Intrigue gloss.
I think this is a very comprehensive and easy to like collaboration and I would be interested to see if Poppy King brings out any more ranges with No7.


  1. Oh wow, these must not have made their way to Canada yet. We're just starting to see more No.7 products in one particular drugstore lately. I'll be keeping my eyes open!

  2. All the colours in this collection are lovely. I got the Intrigue lipstick but I would like to get a few more shades. Overall a really interesting and considered collaboration.

  3. The pink lipstick looks so pretty, I adore the packaging!

  4. You choose the best lippies. Im interested in intrigue and confidence. They seem like my kinda shades., they also look rather matte to me? Definitely worth a trip to boots, I should be able to dig out a £5 voucher somewhere too

  5. I agree with Imo, you do choose the best lipsticks! I had collected 3 of the vouchers by the time they were released but, like a wally, I forgot to take all of them with me on my shopping expedition. I got Glamour but I wish I'd got Allure too, it looks lovely. I may have to get some at full price x

  6. These are so pretty! You do have excellent taste, there's no denying that.
    It seems I'm the only beauty-loving blog-reader in the country who has not seen those in the flesh yet! The one day I managed to get to a Boots, they had not received any stock and I did not want to get anything online before swatching. Your post however just broke the camel's back. John is getting a shopping list and a mission for his lunch break...
    Have a great week hon
    Nina x

  7. Nina, you aren't alone! I still haven't seen these! I had hoped to get into Huddersfield yesterday and failed and am pretty sure that I need Glamour, so am considering bunking off early this pm to get to Boots! That said I am not loving the packing of these at all I think it looks a bit cheap, although am aware I am probably alone in this! x

  8. Hi Liz,
    I think they are limited edition so if they do arrive at Canada, you'll have to make a grab for them ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    Your right, I wasn't expecting to be that impressed really, I'm hoping they will bring out some more lip products.

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I do think the boxes are quite cute, I've not brought myself to throw them away yet :)

    Hi Imo,
    Thanks, I am a bit of a lipstick addict! I'm not sure those £5 off vouchers are still valid, so hopefully they will bring out some new ones soon. I don't think they apply matte,a bit of a sheen but no shimmer at all, makes quite a nice change :)

    Hi Jane,
    Thank-you ;) That would have really irked me if I had forgotten vouchers, although I do tend to do that sort of thing, I reckon they will have a 3 for 2 soon so you can grab some then, my Boots seems to have got loads more stock in so presume they will be around for at least a month? x

    Hi Nina,
    Why thank you ;) so did John complete his mission? I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to give any of the men in my life a cosmetic shopping list and send forth to a store, I know my Husband is deeply traumatised everytime we go near makeup! x

    Hi Debbie,
    I'm not overly keen on the grey colour tube, its just a bit, well grey, if you know what I mean ;)

  9. Yeah, John shares your husband's trauma and still gets shivers when he thinks of the two and a half hours he had to spend in the paris sephora flagship store lol...
    BUT he can be really efficient with a list and he's been on a number of missions, especially at Selfridge's. He says he's developed a strategy whereby he plays the poor lost lamb, so that SAs take pity on him and go out of their way to help him out...crafty or what?
    Unfortunately, this time all the Boots he went to were either out of stock, or not stocking the collection at all. Guess I'll just have to wait another week and do it for myself (sigh)
    Nina x

  10. I don't have this but now I saw it I'm definitely gonna buy it. These are so nice colors. Can't wait to try.

  11. Hi Nina,
    LOL, I like his strategy :) You'll have to keep him!
    If you do end up getting any let me know, there was quite a nice sort of reddish/pink colour that I think would look nice on you, think it was called Power? x

    Hi Beauty Junkie,
    They do seem to be very popular, don't think I have seen so many people at a No7 Counter before ;)


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