Sunday, 22 May 2011

Becca Halcyon Days Collection: Mineral Powder Blush & Automatic Eye Pencil

Becca introduced a new mineral blush formula as part of their Halcyon Days collection. Of the two shades I bought Damselfly (£25).
Damselfly is a coral with gentle golden shimmer. The other shade on offer, Flowerchild, I believe is more pink toned.
Swatches L-R: two swipes of blusher, and one swipe blended in.
The powder is extremely finely milled and feels smooth and lightweight. This is highly pigmented so I apply it very lightly. This lasts incredibly well, in fact I'd go as far as saying this is the longest lasting blusher I own. The formula is faultless and the luminous colour is beautiful.

We also see the introduction of the Automatic Eye Liner in two shades.
I bought Goa (£18), which is a chocolate with a bronzed edge (the other colour is a black). It has a very handy built-in sharpener as well as a smudger. It feels smooth, with no tugging on application and its got good pigmentation.
The best attribute for me is how long wearing the waterproof formula is as I have been having a lot of problems with watering eyes and with this I can feel confident that its going to stay where it is.
Swatches L-R: Liner, one swipe of blusher.

Ingredients of liner:

Becca is really putting out some impressive products of late. When I think of Becca, the words that come to mind are glowing, radiant, natural and flattering, now who wouldn’t want some of that?

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  1. The blush looks fabulous! Texture sounds nice too, lots of people seem to be loving BECCA at the mo. :)

  2. Both look absolutely wonderful! I wish Becca had a counter in the States so I could see her products firsthand!

  3. I'm so pleased you like the liner! You've made me with that I'd bought the blusher too, I was dabbling with purchasing that one and it looks lovely. I was very impressed with the texture when I saw them in person.

    I agree with the you regarding the look you can create with Becca products. I think it's why it appeals to me so much as they give a natural but polished look which is exactly the style I'm after.
    Jane x

  4. I really like that blush, but that eyeliner color is gorge!

  5. That liner looks so CREAMY! I'm a sucker for a creamy long lasting liner! Ugghh, I should have never read this! xx

  6. It all looks/sounds dreamy, particularly the blusher. I haven't seen this collection yet in person, but the more I hear the more eager I am to see it!

  7. You've only gone and done it again! I was (vaguely) considered these, and then there's your review, and then there's me going to Fenwick's yesterday to purchase them both...happy now??????? lol
    I had Goa applied in-store and absolutely loved it. Wore it late into the night and it looked as good at 2 in the morning as it did at 2.45 in the afternoon.
    The wonderful SA at the Fenwick counter (her name is Nicky) told me all about the Autumn collection and its fabulous rich brown-toned palette, the video for which has already been filmed for Zuneta apparently...can't wait!
    Nina x

  8. I wish I could get a chance to see the Becca range in person. I have quite a few products but hate always having to buy online. This is where reviews like yours are so helpful! I have my eye on the Halcyon palette from Zuneta but think I can add this blush and eyeliner to my list x

  9. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    It does seem to be very much growing in popularity and I can see why :)

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup,
    I wish I could see them in real life as well, mind you I would probably end up buying loads ;)

    Hi Jane,
    I think you might want to add the blusher to your basket next time you do an order ;) I think I am going to get the pinker one as well x

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    It is a lovely liner, rich in colour but not too dark.

    Hi Jeanie,
    I think its one to add to your list ;) x

    Hi Meeta,
    I am still debating whether to get the palette, it is a lovely collection. I'll review the nail polish I got from it soon x

    Hi Nina,
    LOL, well I am just glad you like them :)
    The Autumn collection is on their Australian site and I think the palette and nail polishes look like must haves, the blushers look really nice as well, although I'm not sure if they will be too dark for me, at any rate I have a feeling it will be quite a spendy collection for me x

    Hi Lipstick Luvvie,
    Thank you, I am glad its of some help. I buy a lot of my stuff online so blogs are invaluable to me. I do think you would really suit both shades ;) x

  10. They are both lovely but I think the blusher is stand out and on a pale complexion would look absolutely beautiful.

  11. Hello Debbie,
    It is lovely, I am going to have to get the other more pink toned one now I think ;)

  12. If I was going to pick a blush for its formula based on hand swatches alone, this would definitely be among my top 3!!! It looks like a great quality product! The colour is beautiful too!!!
    The fact that the blended swatch sorta reminds me of the Chanel Espiegle promo photos (that I missed out on) doesn't help either!!!


  13. Hi Tina,
    I do really love this blusher, I think the colour would really suit your colouring x


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