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Bobbi Brown New Creamy Concealer kit

Although I have bought many of the concealer/correctors on offer from Bobbi Brown, I had never tried her original creamy concealer. Now that the formula has been tweaked I thought it a good time to try. Available on its own or in a kit that includes a setting powder, I opted for the slim line kit (£23.50).

The product is meant to “blend easily to instantly cover, lift and brighten dark circles. It also helps maintain skin's moisture levels for a smooth, virtually line-less look. Fuss-free pressed powder sets concealer for long-lasting wear”.

I bought the lightest shade Porcelain, which is the only kit that comes with a white setting powder (the others have pale yellow).
The concealer is a good match for my under eye area.
The concealer is very thick, I expected it to go on almost opaque however whilst the coverage is good its not as full as I was expecting. It blends quite well.
However, it makes the area look dry and highlights my lines. I have tried several eye creams with this, including the BB hydrating eye cream and I still cannot get this to look good. I find this a very aging concealer for the under eyes.
Picture below: The eye on your left is with nothing, the eye on your right is with the concealer (not the powder)
In term's of the powder, I find the white an odd choice as it lightens the whole area and makes my dark circle more apparent. I find the powder drying and the concealer still creases with this on top, I actually think this powder if far better used as an under brow highlighter.
Suffice to say this was not a good buy for me, I have since given up on this and have recently bought the Dior Nude concealer which I’ll tell you about soon.

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  1. It's too bad it made under your eyes look dry, I have the same problem! Especially with thicker concealer. The best I've found is the Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Cream Concealer (mine is in Supercover Fair) I LOVE it! It's not 100% opaque though.

  2. I wasn't tempted to try this as ages ago I tested the corrector and concealer and it just looked so made up and aging. I like their eye brightener though as that is not cakey. It's a shame about this as the compact seems quite handy.

  3. It sounds like your under eye area is the same as mine! I've been meaning to try this for ages, but I don't think I will now. I've been very comfortable with the DiorSkin Nude and Ellis Faas Concealers, as they both feel comfortable on dry eyes and wear beautifully. I do find the EF a little more 'illuminating'though, which I like :)

  4. Oh, I'm glad I skipped this!
    I agree with Meeta on the corrector/concealer combo. It was applied on me during a makeover and I thought it was a complete no-no. I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts on the Dior...
    Have a great weekend hon!
    Nina x

  5. I have the single in the little pot- after I apply it my little crinkles look worse. My eye area is getting drier all the time, though. I was at the Lancome counter today looking at the new duo concealer/eye cream and nearly bought it. The concealer felt very nice on the back of my hand- I'm just unsure about the eye cream. I don't mind the Dior nude one but it's not my favorite either. Cle de peau is on my lemming list- have you tried that? I hope you have good luck with the Dior x jeanie

  6. I found the same with this! I thought it was just me, everyone seems to love it. My circles are REALLY bad and one of the best things I've found is Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection which was a total surprise. I expected it to be crap but its great. I'm excited to hear about the Dior, I've heard some good things x

  7. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    The Beauty Without Cruelty does sound really good, I'll have to make a note of that, thanks :)

    Hi Meeta,
    I do really like the compact, would be great for travel, I was expecting to really like this as the reviews I have seen have been really good.

    Hi dempss01,
    I hadn't thought to try the Ellis Faas, so if the Dior doesn't work for me I can have a look at that, as I do seem to be working my way through every eye concealer out there! ;)

    Hi Nina,
    Its strange really as I do tend to associate concealer with being one of the main products Bobbi Brown is known for. I had to buy the Dior after you said you liked it ;) x

    Hi makeup merriment,
    I had thought about the new Lancome one but I am sure I have read a really bad review on it that put me off, can't remember whos blog it was now. Unfortunately we can't get Cle de peau here as far as I know, probably would be expensive for me if we did as I am always eyeing up their eye shadow palettes x

    Hi JadeyLou,
    Glad its not just me then, as like you say the majority of reviews are really great for this. I'll have a look at that Collection 2000 one as it would be great to find one that is less spendy :)

  8. Oh, this definitely sounds like I wouldn't get on with this. The colour looks good but I really dislike concealers that are drying under the eye. It feels so uncomfortable as well as highlighting all of my lines! Thanks for this review, excellent as ever :)
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane,
    Thanks :) It is one I think you should walk away from, I don't seem to fare too well with BB, I don't learn do I :) x

  10. I'm glad I passed on this. I have the LM concealer pot set and it creases under my eyes too, despite being super creamy. I prefer my LMdB concealer that came in the Marchesa Keren craig palette. ty for the review!

  11. Hi luv2smilexo,
    I wasn't keen on the Laura Mericer one either. I wonder if the concealer in the Marchesa Keren craig palette was one of le Metier's normal formulas?

  12. I think that color is too light for you! I know it looks like it should work, but I had the sam problem - until the famous makeup artist for BB who was visiting Bergdorfs one day told me I should use a darker color. It looks darker in the pot but totally natural when you're wearing it! I use Sand, although I bet we have the same coloring. The lighter one emphasizes my dark circles even though it looks like it should match!

  13. Hi Bridalgal,
    I think you may be right, I guess I always home in on the lightest shade possible but I do think that it probably makes the area look worse, I'll have to bare this mind with my next concealer purchase :)


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