Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows: Velvet Fritillary & Brocade Skipper

I found myself using my Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow in Atlas Swallowtail so much I thought it was about time I bought some of the other shades.
If you have read my previous review, you’ll know I am a fan of the lightweight, comfortable, easy to blend and long lasting formula.
Brocade Skipper is a delicate glowy cream champagne, it makes a great natural all over lid colour or a base
Velvet Fritillary is a military green with golden hints. They cost £26 each.
Swatches: Dabbed on then blended in
Picture below is Brocade Skipper applied all over, then Velvet Fritillary applied lightly on the main lid.
Here is Velvet Fritillary applied again, I put Black Pepper Jay in the crease over the top and it gave it an almost purple hue.
I'll have to get the other remaining shades at some point as I really do like these. The formula is so effortless and the colours are gorgeous yet refined.

I bought these from


  1. That looks lovely! I can't imagine doing a whole eye look with cream shadows though? Are they really that easy to work with? I'm so intrigued with Rouge Bunny Rouge and By Terry but I'm not sure where to even start!

  2. This sounds gorgeous! I don't think I could spend that much on a primer though

  3. Very nice. My Atlas Swallowtail arrived today (pretty big haul!), and now I want to try the grey cream shadow.

  4. Velvet Fritillary is less green then I thought it might be which I am rather liking. Thanks for the swatches Replica!

  5. I really love these shadows, more so than the powder ones. I'm determined to own all five as I use the ones I have so often, but Zuneta were out of stock of Velvet Fritillary last time I tried to order. Although I adore the powder shadows in Solstice Halcyon and Delicate Hummingbird, I find the cream shadow shadows all incredibly wearable shades, whereas some of the powder colours/descriptions can look more difficult to pull off x

  6. Looks gorgeous on you!! I'm gonna get one of these, too, I'm so excited :-)

  7. What a pretty look! I love the look of Velvet Fritillary - you can really see the hint of gold in your final pic. I love all the RBR products you've featured & wish they had a shop in the States, but am tempted to place an order on Zuneta one day soon! :)

  8. OMGosh! Those looks so gorgeous on you!
    I love, love, love those! Beautiful!
    I absolutely must get my hands on those! Thanks for a lovely post once again! x jeanie

  9. I like the look of Velvet Fritillary and how it almost turned purple with the other shadow. You can't go wrong with green eye shadow in my book. I wish the US had accessibility to this brand at counters so I could play with it!

  10. Hi PerilouslyPale,
    They blend very well so it seems fine to layer them over each other. I think with RBR a lot of people seem to start with the powder eyeshadows :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I use these as lid colours mainly, I do think RBR is worth the price :)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Hope you like it :) I can see myself using these up quite quickly the rate I'm using them ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    No problem :) Yes, I was expecting more of a khaki but its actually nicer than I thought it would be x

  11. Beautiful eye look! I toyed with getting Velvet Fritillary myself when the GWP offer was on but I went for Blackpepper Jay instead. I may have to get it in the future as it's such a pretty colour. These creams have such a beautiful texture x

  12. These look so beautiful, I so wish RBR were sold here in the US.. I owe my little collection 5 products from them to your swatches! Maybe next time Zuneta is having a promo I'll get something.
    Have you tried any Paul & Joe eye glosses? They are quite shimmery, not as subtle and understated as the RBR, but there is one color I know you will LOVE: a taupe called Murmur, its eyegloss #5 from their old range. They also just came out with a bunch of permanent and limited edition dual ended eye glosses. I will be picking mine up tomorrow, can send you some pics/info.

  13. Hi Jane,
    Thanks ;) I hope you like Blackpepper Jay, I use that one quite a lot, its nice to layer the loose RBR pigments over it x

    Hi Lakshmi,
    I'm sure you will end up succumbing to RBR at some point ;)
    I've not tried the eye glosses from paul & Joe, I'll write down that shade. I'd be very interested in any pics/info you have on the new ones ;)

  14. Hey! So I picked up the P&J eye gloss duos, I got three: one LE for summer #003 which is peach and deep purple, and two from the regular line: #4 taupe and champagne, #5 gold and gunmetal. I think there are some accurate pictures on the P&J website
    I'll try and take a pic of the ingredients and send it to you.
    They all swatched really pretty, so I'm hoping that translates to the eyes as well..

  15. Hi Lakshmi,
    They sound like the colours I would go for, I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on these. I think the summer collection ones are out here but not the ones that are to be the new regular line up. Thanks for letting me know about these ;)


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