Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dior Electric Tropics Summer 2011: Rosy Tan Palette

Although I am not normally a fan of summer collections, Electric Tropics is certainly appealing with its neutral shadows, peachy bronze cheeks and a sheer orange lip.
On the day of the launch the SA was unfortunately doing a makeover right in front of the only summer display and was extremely put out when I asked if I could look at it. I was made to feel like I needed to leave and the SA didn’t want to serve me. Luckily another SA saw what was happening so asked me if I knew what I wanted, as I hadn't been able to have proper look at the collection I just bought the Rosy Tan eyeshadow quint (£40).

Rosy Tan is the darker of the two quints. It contains a frosty creamy white highlighter in the centre and a frosty sheer pink, deep burgundy brown with golden micro glitter (this shadow is not as smooth as the others to the touch, but it still applies really well) satin finish warm tan/brown (slight hint of pink), shimmery golden brown.
Unfortunately I could not get good pictures of this applied, so just trust me that it looks a lot better in real life!
I think this is a beautiful, versatile high quality palette. The shadows blend and layer with ease. They all have good pigmentation and you can go from a natural everyday look to the more dramatic. The warmth of some of the shades paired with the Burgundy hints of the deepest shade just add that extra edge to the look.

I bought this from John Lewis.


  1. Lovely look! This palette should be arriving in my mailbox any day. I've been disappointed in Dior in the past so I'm looking forward to seeing if this changes my mind.

  2. Amazing palette. DIOR is my all time fave brand and this palette does look very promising x

  3. The pink is stunning! Really gorg everyday palette :)

  4. I passed on you have me re-thinking! I've been so bad lately I need to refrain and and wait for FALL! lol
    Beautiful on you though xx

  5. Very-very pretty! It tempted me a lot, but the new byTerry brushes started calling me like Sirens and I gave in to the very lovely foundation brush...I guess the quint can wait :)
    Nina x

  6. Pretty! I am so tempted to get this palette! Sorry to hear about the poor customer service. I've had this sort of experience as well. Makeovers should be done in a location separate from the displays so that other customers can feel free to browse and test out the products & not be made to feel that they are intruding on the makeover. My humble opinion :)

  7. Wah, I'm so confused as I thought I'd commented on this post. I'm definitely subscribed to the comments feed. No idea what happened there!

    This looks beautiful and I'm very tempted when I wasn't before (you naughty thing). I need to go and have a look at this in person. I've still never owned a quint so maybe this is the one for me to start with?
    Jane x

  8. Hi PerilouslyPale,
    Thanks ;) I do tend to go a bit back and forth with Dior. I'll look forward to seeing how you get on with the palette when it arrives :)

    Hi Mim,
    I had another look at the collection today and there are quite a few other things I want, I do think the two eye quads are really nice :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I am still slightly scared of pinks, although this one is really nice blended over the other shades ;)

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks ;) I'm not too good from refraining as you can probably tell ;)
    Did you see the fall promo pics from Chanel on cafemakeup? It looks so good, will have to start saving! x

    Hi Nina,
    I had been interested in the new by Terry brushes, although there was a review I read on the crease brush which said it was a bit scratchy so I'd like to know what you think of these, as I'll name you the brush queen since I believe you own some of the much coveted Suqqu brushes ;) x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    You are spot on, I do wonder if they lost other sales that day if that was their chosen spot for doing the makeovers, it was strange really as there was plenty of space off to the side so there was no need to block the display out x

    Hi Jane,
    I was just replying to the comments so maybe it was something I did? I'm losing track what I have and haven't commented on other blogs and I keep forgetting to subscribe to the comment feeds so I am no good!
    I don't think you'd be fussed with the white or pink but would like the other shades, esp the darker one used wet to line, I think its worth you having a look at and giving a swatch, did you see they have their new eye lift quints out as well? x

  9. Well, the foundation brush is a lovely object. The handle is metallic silver and it has the same design as the other Terrybly collection items. It's a great length (shorter than standard) and feels perfectly weighed (substantial for stability, but not "heavy"). It's domed, good-sized and leaves no streaks whatsoever, BUT i prefer my Dior (which I have in both normal and travel sizes). The Dior is a bit denser and slightly more "pointy" which makes for a more precise application in nooks and crannies. It also feels softer and has more yield which, to me, makes everything more comfortable.
    The price is reasonable (£35) and I don't regret it, but I probably should have waited for the angled blush brush. It was used on me, and I think I heard angels sing lol. It's pricey (£55) but I would still have bought it, had they not been out of stock. It's definitely on my list.
    Phew...there! Sorry for spamming you :)
    Nina x

  10. Oh Nina, is so enjoyed reading that! It sounds like I might *need* the angled blush brush. I'm sure SpaceNK are doing free shopping over £30 this weekend.....

    Hi Replica! I hadn't spied the eye lift palettes until you mention them. They look verrry interesting. I like the look of the Lift Grey and Lift Ivory best of all. Have you seen them in person yet?

  11. Thanks for that Nina, thats really helpful, you remind me that I need to check out the Dior one as I remeber you saying about it before. I'll make a note of the By Terry angled blush brush, I'm hopeful SpaceNK will do a 20% off this year so I am keeping a list going so that I can be ready ;) x

    Hi Jane,
    Yep I have swatched them twice now and the grey and Ivory are the ones for us colour wise, I do think the colours were quite sheer so I was hoping to come across a review, I think its quite interesting though if it works better than normal shadows, no doubt I'll pick one up ;) x

  12. Hey Replica! Didn't this palette remind you a bit of the Chanel Holiday 2010 (Temptation Cuivree)?? I still got it though, it's my first Dior quint, I like it but it's not mind blowing.. I was undecided between this and Earth Reflections, but thought that this might be LE. The lighter colors in this are great for not being overly shimmery, but the deep brown was not as smooth as I expected. I've been on a Dior kick recently, I'm loving their nail polish in Sienna and Beige Lotus, lovely! :)

  13. Hi Lakshmi,
    I didn't think of that but you are right about it looking similar to TC! I thought the two summer ones were limited edition as well,although sometimes its hard to tell with Dior. I'm getting more into Dior recently as well, its funny how we seem to go through phases with our makeup brands :)


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