Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Cochine Liquid Hand Wash Agarwood & Amber

Cochine is a small collection of candles, lotions, hand wash and reed diffusers, based on 4 scents. The brand has refined packaging and the quality of product is high. The products are made in Vietnam and the brand supports sustainable farming projects (such as the production of Agarwood oil).
I received a liquid hand wash in the Agarwood & Amber scent (£19 for 300ml). The scent is rich, warm and slightly spicy, it consists of Agarwood, White Amber, Tuberose and Patchouli predominately. Its not heavy like a lot of these types of scents usually are.
I was also surprised just how long lasting the scent was, it definitely beats any other hand wash I have tried.

In terms of the formula and performance, I am extremely pleased. Having sensitive skin I am use to having that tight uncomfortable feeling after washing my hands, even with more higher end brands. This liquid wash cleans well and my hands feel comfortable and soft afterwards.


I’d definitely like to explore Cochine further, I think I will buy a candle, just look at how pretty they are
(Picture from
I just need to decide which scent to go for, although I''ll likely go for Agarwood & Amber as I think it would be lovely in the home come autumn/winter.

Cochine is available at (they ship worldwide)

Disclosure: I was sent this for free.

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