Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Cream Eyeshadow Chiffon Ringlet

Chiffon Ringlet (£26) is a rich chocolate brown with a tiny bit of golden shimmer, but on application it looks like a satin finish.
Its the darkest shade out of all the cream shadows on offer.
Generally I’m not a fan of cream shadows so these have been a great discovery; lightweight, comfortable, easy to apply/blend, and long lasting, there is no work involved with these.

Picture below of Chiffon Ringlet on lid and then a touch of Bejewelled Skylark mixed with Fire-Tailed Sunbird in the crease and Fire-Tailed Sunbird again to highlight.
RBR is gaining rapid popularity, its funny to think that back in 2009 when I first started buying RBR it was this little unknown surprise gem, I’m so pleased that the brand continues to impress and delight.

Now I have all 5 shades of the Cream Eyeshadows I’ll do a post soon showing them swatched all together.


RBR is available from

Disclosure: I was sent this for free.


  1. I have Brocade Skipper and love it. Very impressed.. This colour is lovely.

  2. Looking forward to see them all swatched together! :)

  3. This looks beautiful too. Is it very similar to Bejewelled Skylark?

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Just looking at that eye look makes me want to buy this!! You are an evil temptress ;P. I'm with Meeta though, can I beg for a side by side comparison of Chiffon Ringlet and Bejewelled Skylark? I have a feeling from the eye look that there is a difference.

    I missed you whilst I was on my hols xx

  5. Hi Charlie,
    I do really like these and the colours are all so easy to wear, I do hope they add to the line up in the future :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I do feel strangely satisfied now I have them all ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    Its not as warm and hasn't go the same undertones, I'll do a compare pic when I do my next RBR post :)

    Hi Jane,
    Glad to have you back, I'm impressed you got posts ready before going away, your so organised!
    Thank you, I thought my look was a bit meh so I am really happy to hear you say you like it :)
    I think the shades might look similar in my look as I tend to over blend, I'll do a side by side swatch in the post when I show all the cream shadows together xx

  6. Gorgeous!! Would love to see swatches of all the shades together. Btw I really admire how beautifully you blend shades together, so seamless and professional looking! Love!!!
    My favorite cream shadows are by MUFE: the aqua creams-- absolutely fantastic, long wearing, great colors, my faves are #2 (graphite grey) and #15 (golden taupe)-- have you tried them?

  7. Oh yes, this is beloved staple for me. And I love the look, it looks as effortless as ever, simple and elegant.
    Have a great weekend hon!
    Nina x

  8. Ooh this looks lovely! This is my favorite type of chocolately-brown, which is my go-to shade for eye defining. By the way, I posted some photos of D&G Rose blush - hope they are helpful :)

  9. Hi Lakshmi,
    What a lovely thing to say, I always think my makeup application is poor when I see all the other eye looks on other peoples blogs so its really nice to have the compliment :) I'm sad to say I have not bought any MUFE yet, I have a list a waiting and do have the cream shadows on it, I just never seem to get round to placing the order, guess I need to sort that ;) xx

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you :)These are really so easy aren't they, I think it would be nice if they expanded the line, a sandy gold and a mauve taupe would be nice x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    I'm sure you will end up indulging in RBR soon, you won't be able to resist for much longer ;) Thank you again for the D&G post, you are a great help to me x

  10. I think this is such a lovely look, I can't believe you were;t that thrilled with it! I always think that your eye looks are very creative yet still wearable. You have much better skills than me, maybe I need to get some new brushes to help! x

  11. The cream shadow looks very pretty especially on your eyes. May I ask if you blend cream shadows with your fingers or with a brush? What brushes are good for cream shadows?

  12. Hi Lipstick Luvvie,
    Thank you so much, thats such a nice thing to say, I don't have better skills than you though, I always love your face looks, really good colour pairings and great application x

    Hi Jacqueline,
    Thanks :) If I am just doing a wash of colour I used my fingers but otherwise I use my RBR large shader or the white side of my MAC #235 to apply then just buff any edges with a MAC #217.


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