Friday, 19 August 2011

Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment

I've been a fan of Fresh for years now, however my buying from the brand has dwindled due to availability, in the UK you can now only get the brand from their one London store or by mail order from the same store. The postage seems to vary and I have been hit for some very high postage costs in the past so now I place smaller orders and only when I need "must have" items.
Going by the reviews online I had a feeling that the Sugar Honey lip treatment would be one of these "must haves".
The Sugar honey lip treatment (£14.50) is a tinted version of their best selling sugar lip balm (which I have had and liked in the past). It has a traditional balm texture and has a natural gloss finish.
The pigmentation is a lot more than I was expecting from a tinted lip balm, and it gives a warm dusty peach nude look.
Swatched below, two swipes on the left and blended in on the right,
It has an SPF15 and feels smooth and very moisturising. It has a strong sugary sweet scent.
I really do like this, it gives comfort, moisture and a natural "wear with anything" colour.

I bought this from the Fresh London store on Marylebone High Street, Tel: 020 7486 4100


  1. This does look lovely, I remember seeing Beauty LookBook's post on these thinking I quite like the sound of them.

    I have not been to the Fresh store (I didn't know there was one so thanks for the info:) It seems to be quite near Content beauty:)

  2. Need. This.
    That is all :))
    Nina x

    @Meeta: yes, the two shops are quite close by...I can remember the time they were stocked at Liberty's and then at Selfridges. I love their boutiques, they are minimalist but inviting, and (at least the last time I was there) they were generous with samples as well.

  3. I have the non tinted version & I love it! :) Good to see you love it as well!

  4. Hi Meeta,
    Thats handy that its close to Content beauty, they have a soft red shade coming out soon as well that looks really nice going by pictures online :)

    Hi Nina,
    LOL, you know I think you do ;) x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I think these must be one of their most popular items as they keep bringing out different colour versions :)

  5. I have the plum one and love it for Fall! I need this too- I think ;O) xx

  6. Hi Jeanie,
    I do now wonder if I should get the plum one as well, and maybe the rose one..and the new red one.. ;) x

  7. Hey,

    I don't know if I just got lucky or what, but about a year ago I called that London store and asked to make a purchase over the phone - I spoke to a very friendly and helpful man who took my order and credit card details, and then shipped it to me for FREE, and included generous free samples. (I wish I could remember his name.)
    I imagine if a lot of people started doing it, it wouldn't work that way anymore, but it could be worth a shot for anyone wanting to see if they can avoid that high postage cost.

    I love the standard Sugar Lip Treatment, and I really enjoyed the Rosé one too.

  8. Hi Proximity,
    I do wonder if you did luck out, I've placed many a phone order and the only times I got free shipping was when they had an offer on (usually if you spend over £75). I read somewhere that they would have an online site for us in the UK at the end of the year, I really hopes its true as I'm sure they would have a standard postage cost as one time I got charged over £20, I kid you not! x


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