Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New brand: Smooch cosmetics

Smooch cosmetics is a new UK brand. The image is very girly and mischievous and somewhat reminiscent of the now discontinued Pout brand in my opinion.
The brand has a lower price point than I would tend towards (I mostly have bad luck with the more budget friendly brands, so I consider myself a justified makeup snob) however I liked the look of the packaging ( it has a rubber feel to it, similar to NARS) and the colour range and as there was a 50% off offer on I thought there was not much to lose.

The shadow duo's (£9.50 each) I bought were:
Dare to bare (Frosty white peach paired with a frosty golden peachy beige.)

Seattle (Shimmery gold/beige paired with a shimmery cool brown)

Twilight (Frosty white silver pared with a blue toned pewter with micro glitter)
The pigment is good, they feel quite smooth and blend and last quite well, however they are very crumbly.The finishes are too frosty/shimmery for my taste so I blend the shadows out, which works well to reduce the intensity.
Swatches L-R: Twilight, Dare to bare, Seattle
Eyeshadow Ingredients:

The two lipsticks I got (£7.50 each), whilst similar colours in the tube, apply and feel very different.
Truffle is a warm brown rose (heavier on the brown) with a slight glossy finish, it feels comfortable, lightweight and moisturising. Naughty is a matte warm brick red, the pigment is more intense and the finish is not as moisturising though its more long lasting than Truffle.
Picture below Naughty on the left, Truffle on the right.
Lipsticks Ingredients:

I got one blush in the shade Sugar Rush (£8.50). Its a warm peachy/beige with a touch of silver sparkle.
I'm not a fan of sparkle on the cheeks but it looks more like shimmer from a normal distance and its only when you get really close up can you see the sparkle.
Swatches below L-R:Sugar Rush blusher, Naughty Lipstick, Truffle Lipstick

The blushers are the same size as the duos, compacts pictured below:
Blusher ingredients:

Overall the quality level and finish of products is along the lines of Too Faced, albeit a bit better and at a cheaper price. My stand outs are Seattle eyeshadow and lipstick in Truffle. The 50% off only lasts till 16th September 2011, and I am very tempted to put another order in (the prices I have put in this post are their normal full price).

I bought all these from


  1. These look as exact dupes of NARS in terms of packaging :)

  2. I have just posted myself on two duo blushers I bought. One I was impressed with, one I wasn't. I am tempted to buy some of the eyeshadows, although I feel like Im drowning under eyeshadows at the moment with the amount I have, so I might resist temptation.

  3. Aahhh Pout, how many ways do I miss thee? Let me count them (to badly misqote the baird). These look okay and the 50% off is highly tempting. Thanks for this. Jan x

  4. I like the look of Dare to Bare and Sugar Rush. The lipglosses on the website look quite fun too - I'm tempted by Persian Princess.

  5. Eeeeep! Such cute packaging! We need this brand here. :) I'm checking out their website right now! Fabulous post & swatches

  6. Hi Eli,
    Yes, I do wonder if it will encourage people to buy :)

    Hi Jo,
    How funny we posted at the same time. I do like the look of that peachy blush. I try to ignore the fact that I am drowning in makeup :)

    Hi Jan,
    LOL, I was surprised in some ways that Pout went under as it seemed quite popular.
    50% is going to be hard to resist ;) x

    Hi Meeta,
    I think I might get a few more things, I hadn't even paid attention to the glosses so will have a look at them :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Thanks :) I do think you would like quite a few things from this brand, I wonder if they ship internationally?


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