Wednesday, 17 August 2011

MAC Cine-Matics & Packed to go

Enter obligatory what-I-bought-from-MAC's-new-releases-this-month post...

Look In A Box: Girl Next Door (£36.50)
This kit contains 5 full sized products:
#Eyeshadows in Grand Entrance (shimmery peachy champagne) and Smoke & Diamonds (shimmery grey). I've had both these shades in the past, when I had the originals they were in the limited edition Starflash finish but these are a frost finish, as such they aren't quite as creamy/smooth as the originals. I also think both shades are lighter than the previous release.

#Iridescent Powder in Belightful, the peachy gold highlighting powder whilst pretty is not wearable on the cheeks for me as its chocked full of glitter. I do however like it as a wash of colour on the eye lid and using it wet amps it up a bit.
#Cremesheen Glass in Deelightful is a rosy pink, Cremesheen are my preferred formula out of all the MAC lipglosses as they are the least sticky/tacky.
#Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack, this seems quite a wet formula, it lengthens a bit and gives a bit of thickness but I find it clumpy and it drags the lashes down.
Swatches L-R:Cremesheen,Grand Entrance, Smoke & Diamonds, Belightful dry swatch, Belightful damp swatch.

Reel Drama Lip Bag (£27.50)

Reel Drama lipstick is a medium mauve pink and the Cremesheen formula feels a bit heavy, Scenestealer Dazzleglass Creme is a coral with a touch of red and an abundance of glitter and Softwood lipliner is a plummy wine brown. I don’t think any of these colours go together really, I’m not entirely sure why I ordered this, think I was having one of those makeup madness moments.

6 Warm Smokey Eye Shadow Palette (£29.50)
This is a plain black packaged palette containing: Shroom ( sheer beige, slightly frosty) Naked Lunch (pinky beige frost finish). Tempting (warm, golden bronze lustre finish) Greensmoke (dusty greyed green with gold shimmer lustre finish) Stormy Love (mix of teal and brown in the compact but the teal is less apparent on application, frost finish) Showstopper (this is the dud for me, its a dark, cool-toned matte brown, pigment is poor and it does not apply smoothly).

I wouldn’t say any of these are must haves, but if I were to pick out one it would have to be the eye shadow palette. It gives a very wearable smoky look, you can either go for subtle or dramatic and the colours work extremely well with each other. If we ignore Showstopper, the shades blend well and have good pigmentation.

I bought all these from


  1. I am so over MAC lately.. I get what you mean though..sometimes I buy Mac just because everyone else does :p

  2. I like these shades here. What I like about MAC is its accessibility, I have *the fear* of the makeup counter/SA and I know that there are bound to be far more people milling around a MAC counter and I can browse away without anyone bothering me, when I want to purchase that's a different matter! Thanks for this, nice neutral shades here. Jan x

  3. In theory Girl Next Door looks nice but I know I can't do Belightful either and I think it's a shame the eyeshadows aren't the Starflash finish. The eyeshadow compact looks nice. I have Naked Lunch (ignored) and I can also confirm that Showstopper is a dud. I have it in my Smoking Eyes quad and it has popped up in other palettes over the years. It's a shame as the colour does have potential.

    I think I can safely miss this collection. I'm quite tempted by a lot of MAC Me Over stuff though. I think we can prepare for Chanel, Guerlain and MAC to empty my account! lol xx

  4. Hello Vintage Makeup,
    Both glosses are pretty, although think I prefer Deelightful as it doesn't have all the glitter! :)

    Hi Rei,
    I don't seem to have any will powder, I do tend to think to myself "why" quite a bit after a lot of my MAC buys ;)

    Hello Jan!
    Glad to have you back, seems a long time :)
    Your right there, you do get more time to swatch at MAC as they are often busy and I think a lot of their SA's don't seem bothered by the hard sell I notice x

    Hi Jane,
    Well I probably should have stayed at the in theory stage ;) Still I am sure I'll get use from the majority of it.
    I wasn't too sure about the MAC me over, from what I saw it looked a bit wrong type of brown or dark or frosty, you now have me wondering though so I'll go have another look at swatches, I think you and I will be very poor in September! xx


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