Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dior Golden Winter Collection: Minuit Diorific Vernis Nail

Happy New Year :) I am trying to get out my last Holiday product reviews as I know we are all now looking ahead to the Spring collections. 

In the bottle Minuit (£20) is a mesmerising deep vampy raisin/wine shade infused with micro glitter. The brush handle is quite short and the brush head small, so I didn't find this the easiest to handle in application. The polish does not apply as smooth as I would have liked and two coats are required to give an even finish.
Unfortunately once I put this on it looks extremely flat. I find its best to apply three coats and a glossy top coat (I used Dior's gel coat).

Shown below is one coat, then two, then three and then two coats with the gel coat followed by three coats with the gel coat.

I do find this chips within a day so a top coat is a must for me.
This is one of those times where the product looks better in the bottle than it does applied.

I bought this from Boots.

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