Sunday, 8 November 2009

Green and Spring

I had never heard of this brand but had to make a quick substitute on Liberty for something I was ordering that was out of stock and as the showergel was of equal value thought it would be worth a go.
I really like the concept of the range; all the products are “free from parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGS, glycols, petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances. The products are made by hand in the British countryside to ensure the freshest batch quality and they use 100% natural plant materials”.
They have three scent ranges: relaxing, indulging and revitalising. I got the showergel in Indulgent (£18), which is meant to smell of rose,jasmine,elderflower and red clover and a small size of the relaxing body lotion as part of a GWP, this smells mostly of lavender. For both products the scent is long lasting, both are very moisturising and caused my sensitive skin no irritation. The two drawbacks for me was the scent of the showergel, its similar to other herbally smells like that of Aveda and Liz Earle which I really don’t like. Obviously this is just a personal thing and is not a negative against the products, I think you either like this type of scent or not.
The second drawback is that given the price I just don’t feel like these are indulgent products. There is nothing wrong with them I just expect something a bit more for the price, ( the full sized body lotion is £22), a shame really as they do have a lot of nice looking things on their website so I may be tempted to try their skincare at some point as the ingredients look good.


  1. The packaging is indeed very pretty and the brand concept is great...pity about the smell! I know what you mean about herbaceous smell, it's not my ideal of perfumed bath&body stuff either, I prefer more "rounded" scents that don't make my nose wrinkle! Have you tried Cowshed products? I'd be a Grumpy Cow right now! xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    I have just bought a Cowshed showergel funnily enough, its the Lazy one, why would you be the Grumpy one then ? x


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