Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge, Hourglass

I ordered a few things from after seeing the lovely Anna from italianbeautyblog's post about her RBR haul and I thought it was wrong for me to not have one of their blushers :) I decided to order two other things from Hourglass as well as I really like the eyeshadows and lipstick I have from them.
I got RBR blush in Starina (£25) as I mostly have pink blushers. This shade is a true coral with a pretty sheen to it. Its described as "Palest Coral" but on my pale skin I actually find this rather pigmented. It has no strange undertones, and the texture is really smooth and it goes on really well and lasts, my favourite powder blushers were Armani but I think this exceeds them and I am already planning on my next shades to order.
From Hourglass I got the extreme sheen gloss in Ignite (£21), which is a sheer warm peachy beige on me and has some gold shimmer. If you hate sticky glosses then you really must try these. The texture is quite wet but it feels really comfortable on and is completely not sticky or tacky. This shade is quite sheer so for those with more pigmented lips you may want to select another shade.
Finally I got Hidden corrective concealer in shade pearl (£23). I got this to thrown in my bag so I would have something to use at work if I needed to cover a spot or any redness during the day. Texture wise this has a lot less slip than I thought and gives medium coverage that lasts really well as it applies quite dry, I find this really good for covering up my spots and old acne scars as it really stays put and does not look cakey on. This shade is a bit dark for me, I am an Illamasqua L120 and a bit lighter than a MAC NW15 so if you are the next shade or two up this would probably suit you better. I did try this on the eye area as well and it does go on without looking too dry.

Zuneta also sent me a Butter London nail varnish free in shade Diamond Geezer (super sparkly platinum silver) , which I was really surprised and pleased to receive, how nice is that ! I'd always been meaning to try this brand, now having tried it I can say that it did need two coats to get the required coverage but it wears well, I think one of the biggest selling points are that they do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP. I will pick up another shade at some point, as it also has less stinky fumes than other nail polishes.
This was a really nice little order and has cheered my up after my recent BB disappointment, although it has made me wants lots of more things now !


  1. I have to get my hands on some RBR someday! Looks amazing.

  2. Oh, thank you for the "lovely"!! You're too sweet! But glad to have tempted you!!! I was actually thinking about getting another blusher myself and was undecided between Starina and Habanera...perhaps the latter would be better with my colouring! You're really making me want some Hourglass now, the gloss sounds really good and I think we can never have enough concealers really! Been wanting to get some Butter nail varnish too, it's the Butter in the name that gets me all the time, I love body butters or lip butters so wouldn't mind some Butter on my fingernails! xx

  3. Hi Lipstick Rules,
    You really should, its one of my favourite brands, thanks for visiting.

    Hello Anna,
    I'll think I'll get Delicata next,although I can see myself ending up with quite a few :)
    I am going to get a few more things from Hourglass I think, probably good they only have a small range ! I know what you mean by "Butter" makes it sound cute somehow x

  4. I like the hourglass stuff too - I'm writing up a review at the moment! xxx

  5. Hi Mizzworthy,
    They do have some nice things, just off to read your review x


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