Sunday, 22 November 2009

Neil George Shampoo

I’d not heard of Neil George before, until I stumbled upon the range on the SpaceNK website. I think they have Neil George salons in America and they offer a reasonable small range of products. I got the Everyday cleanse shampoo, £15.66 for 215ml. This is aimed at normal to dry hair. It’s very gentle and gives my scalp no irritation but it still manages to clean well without leaving build-up (a problem I can get when shampoos are a bit too gentle). It leaves my hair very shiny although I don’t think its overly moisturising. The product is also paraben free. I think for normal hair types this makes a very good simple everyday shampoo, I’ve already ordered some of the Oribe range as that is getting rave reviews but I can see myself buying this Neil George one again.


  1. looks nice but is pricey though :S

  2. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. :D

  3. Hi Shifa,
    Thanks for visiting, you wait till I review the Oribe shampoo and conditioner, they are mega pricey, hope they are worth it :)

    Hi Music,
    I think its a good basic shampoo but its no frills, if you hair is super dry I wouldn't get it though.

  4. Still haven't made up my mind whether to venture inside a SpaceNK, I already have too many options elsewhere! Thanks for all the recommendations, you're a star! xx

  5. I'm so tempted by these. I just like the idea of Gooseberry Oil :)

  6. Hi Anna,
    You must have ended up with a massive shopping list x

    Hi Grace,
    I know what you mean,not something you often hear of :) I got my Oribe stuff today, of course had to try it straight away...


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