Friday, 20 November 2009

MAC Holiday

I’ll just do a short post, as due to the popularity of MAC I am sure these items have been featured in lots of other blogs. I had a really nice time in the MAC freestanding store and it was all down to the SA. This is the first time I have felt that I have been greeted with someone who seemed a professional artist, there was no attempt to hard sell me stuff, all he did was show me different ways to use the shades and recommended certain colours that would best suit me. It was such a novel experience which is a shame given the amount of times I frequent cosmetic counters.
I got the smoke and mirrors eye palette, very easy to wear shades (only spell No.9 is a bit too warm so I don’t wear this as a lid shade), I don’t think MAC offer the best texture eyeshadows but the only texture I am not too keen on in this palette is Deception as it seems dryer than the others.
I got the Mineralized duo in under your spell, I had heard the crescent shades were a rough,gritty texture so bought this for the other shade, which is a beautifully smooth and pigmented super shimmery silvered mauve.
I am tempted to go back for Blue Sorcery as YorkieLuvs did a nice look with this,

I also got the naughty noir set. I am pleased with what I bought and I think MAC offer some nice gift options for Christmas.
Swatches of the under your spell eyeshadow and pigment


  1. I have most of these products and can vouch for them - you can never go wrong with MAC

  2. The Under Your Spell mineralize duo looks a lot like the Engaging one I have, though there's more copper than mauve and the mauve is actually pink in that one! (ok, so it's nothing like Engaging, then!!!) The pigment looks nice...have you ever tried Paul&Joe pigments? If so, how do they compare in your opinion with MAC/RBR?? The palette is cute, very wearable, as you said! Have a great weekend :)! xx

  3. I'm going to confess now: I've never used MAC. Not sure why, the products never really appeal to me in a big way. A few times I was tempted to get some stuffs, then somehow I got distracted, or ended up with other brands. I guess it's just not meant to be...

  4. Hi Elise,
    They are a good staple brand. Thanks for visiting.

    Hello Anna,
    I have never tried Paul and Joe anything, Its just never appealed to me for some reason. I know Lina from the beauty look book really likes Paul and Joe, you could ask her maybe ? x

    Hi Music,
    The amount of collections they put out, probably best you don't get into them :) Thanks for your comment.


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