Saturday, 12 June 2010

Guerlain Meteorites Collection Perles Summer 2010: Part 1

The Guerlain Meteorites Collection Perles Summer 2010 has quite a soft, natural romantic feel about it.

The main attractions are probably the new limited edition eye quad and the newly revamped Meteorites powders so I’ll start with those first (yes, I did buy more that I should have).

The Ombre Perlees quad (£36.00) contains a matte pinked white, matte very pale lilac grey, matte warm ceramic rose and slightly shimmery taupe. It has a white shimmery over spray over the left side, shaped like a flower, so I've taken a picture of what it looks like when the overspray is off.
It has good pigmentation, and what you see in the pan is what you get once applied, I think I put the colours on a bit heavy at first thinking they would be really sheer and the look was somewhat stark! They blend well and it’s easy to create a soft natural look, I think this will probably work best on those neutral/cool toned.

I’ve had never tried the rated Meteorites face powders, with this summer collection Guerlain has enhance the formulation/colours and they now come house in a metal container. I bought Harmony 01 – Teint Rosé (£33) as it’s aimed at people with pink/cool undertones. It’s meant to “brighten; diminish redness even out your complexion whilst adding radiance”. For me I’d say it does add a subtle glow/radiance, Its nice to have but its not one of my must haves.
I also bought some of the singles shadows and lipsticks from the collection that I’ll be reviewing shortly.


  1. Those e/s do look pretty. As for the Meteorites, I do like the look but wonder if I would use it enough to make it worth the price.

  2. The eyeshadow palette is lovely. I really like the look of the lilac grey. I'd be really interested to see an eye look with these colours :).

    Jane x

  3. Hi Ammie,

    I think I was expecting something really special with the Meteorites as I have always read some many great reviews but the effect is so subtle I don't know its worth it for the price.

    Hello Jane,

    I do like that Lilac grey not a colour I have in my collection, I'll try and get an eye look up.

  4. wow, I like the eye quad, so pretty!

  5. Hi BeautyonTheWay,

    Yes, I'm sure it will be the item that sells out first, I am really liking it but do think its best worn with a black eyeliner as it needs a bit of extra definition.

  6. That quad is lovely- so pretty!

    Love your blog- so much good information!

  7. Hi jv,

    Thanks :)
    I have been using this quad quite a bit, very easy to wear when you don't have much time to faf about in the morning.


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