Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Laura Mercier musings: Part 1

I’ve had quite a few Laura Mercier items in the past but have never been overly impressed by a single item enough to re-buy. I thought I’d re-visit the line since the eye shadows and blushers have been repackaged and the formula tweaked, to see if it made more of an impression.
I got the eye duo in Cocoa Rose (£18), could I have picked more boring colours, quite possibly not? It contains a matte white pink and matte dark brown. I was hoping the lighter side would be like the morning dew shade I used to like, but this has a bit too much pink to use as an all over base and not enough colour to use as a lid shade. The texture is however smooth, quite pigmented and blends nicely. The darker colour is very muddy on me, not enough depth to use as a liner but looks very unflattering in the crease, exacerbated by the difficult to blend texture. I’m not sure why the textures of the two shades feel so different but this is a definite miss for me.

On a more positive note, I got a blusher in Orange blossom (£20), it’s a really pretty shimmery peachy/gold pink, it’s more sheer and shimmery on that I thought it would be but it is a nice flush of colour and lasts extremely well.
I got one of the new Satin finish lipsticks in Pink Cocoa (£18). The pigmentation of this browned rose is really good, it lasts quite well but is a bit drying. Unfortunately it looks really off on me, I think perhaps it has a bit of warmth to it, which clashes against my cool tones.
So overall somewhat disappointing, I also bought some of the base products including the new under eye perfector that I’ll be reviewing shortly.


  1. I think that lipstick looks like a really pretty colour. It looks a bit like MAC Cosmo which I like. How drying is it? A bit of lip balm dry or lip peeling dry?

    The eyeshadows sound like a disappointment. It's odd that the textures are so different. For once it sounds like you'll be saving me some money as I think this seems like LM might be one for me to miss ;)
    Jane x

  2. I have Orange Blossom as well. I love it as a finishing touch over a cream blusher (like Bobbi Brown's Cabo Coral). The combination stays on forever without any fading whatsoever. I've never had any luck with LM's eyeshadows, but I do love her cake eyeliners...I think they are actually better than the Chanel ones.
    The biggest hit for me however is her concealer (the blemish concealer that is). I just couldn't live without's the only thing that manages to perfectly hide my horrible cheek redness (broken capillaries) to the point that I can actually go without foundation on more informal days....
    Sorry you weren't thrilled with the products. I know the feeling, it's just so disappointing...
    Nina x

  3. Sorry to go a bit off topic but I wanted to say congratulations Nina on winning the giveaway!! How are you enjoying the lipgloss?
    Jane x

  4. Hello Jane!

    I was indeed the lucky recipient of Replica's generosity! And a what a happy bunny it's made me...
    The gloss is absolutely lovely. It's not sticky, yet it lasts for a surprisingly long amount of time, it wears very comfortably without drying out my lips or feathering, the shimmer is very elegant and flattering and a little goes a long way.

    As for the colour, it's a gorgeous bronzed rose with shots of gold and, as it wears out, it turns even rosier on me, which I love. For reference I'm a medium, yellow-toned gal with lots of redness on my cheeks and pigmented lips.

    Overall, it's a huge rave...and a huge thanks to our host!


    PS I sent a couple of pics of my wearing the gloss to Replica and I'm glad to report she survived :-)))))

  5. Hi Jane,
    Its not too bad with some lip balm but doesn't feel that comfortable on. The blusher is really nice though. So annoyied to have wasted £36 just like that!
    Regarding the Hourglass, it looked really gorgeous on Nina and I will defintly have to get that colour soon.

    Hello Nina,
    I use to have the blemish concealer quite a while back when I had severe acne and did really like it,I've had a recent bad breakout so I'm glad you mention this as I think I'll buy one again as I had forgotton about it! Your skin looked flawless in the photo so if thats want you used it definitely works well for you :)

  6. Nina, the lipgloss sounds gorgeous. I have two of the extreme sheen glosses and the texture is amazing. It's definitely going on my wishlist as the colour sounds beautiful.
    Jane x


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