Wednesday, 9 June 2010

KJAER WEIS: First impressions

KJAER WEIS is a new brand, created by a New York-based Danish make-up artist called Kirsten Kjaer Weis. The range contains no parabens, synthetic colours/fragrances and is 95% organic.
It’s a small line consisting of eye shadows (4 shades), lip tints (3 shades) and cream blush (3 shades). Each product is priced at £32-£38 but you can buy refills for a much cheaper price (£13-£18).

Colour wise I think it’s more of a natural suits all range. I emailed the company directly for colour descriptions of the eye shadows and got a quick reply:
Cloud Nine: Cream, that is good as a base.
Wisdom: Taupe, beautiful mix of gray, brown and purple
Earthy calm: Brown, good for adding depth and shading to the eye
Onyx: dark gray, almost black.

Naturally I bought Wisdom (£32). The description they gave is spot on, the finish is neither matte, nor overly shimmery, just has a really pretty sheen to it.
The eye shadow blends perfectly and stays on without creasing.

The weighty metal Compact with its white enamelled logo is beautiful. I have never seen anything like it and it feels truly unique and modern, almost like a piece of jewellery. The compact is roughly 3x3.5cm. Each compact comes housed in a red lacquered textured box.

I’ve since gone and ordered some more items, the quality of the product combined with the luxurious packaging is enough of an enticement for me and I feel like its an exciting range and definitely a brand to watch out for. I’ll make sure to review them as soon as possible as I appreciate at this price you really want to look at reviews/see swatches if you are ordering on-line.
I bought my items from Space NK who is their only UK stockist (I think you can only get the range in the UK and Denmark, although I think the Space NK UK website does ship internationally).


  1. Curse you! I trekked round 3 SpaceNKs today, to finally be told this is only at Kensington and City SpaceNKs at the moment. So I gave up. Now you're persuading me that *maybe* the schlep to Knightsbridge would be worth it...just for a look, you understand ;)

  2. This looks pretty interesting. I was hoping this be sold in the States but no such luck.

  3. Oh my, this is quite possibly the most beautiful, astounding packaging I have ever seen! I was planning a trip to the Covent Garden shop anyway today, but just read Grace's disappointing. I had a look online and the cream blushes look like an investment I will most gladly make in the near future (as soon as I get to Knightsbridge).

  4. Hi Grace,
    Ha, I was hoping to catch your eye! I think you should have a "look" I've ordered another shadow and 1 lip tint so will post about those as soon as I get them.

    Hi Ammie,
    Hopefully if they do well here they will expand to other countries, I definitely think there is a gap in the market for them.

    Hello Nina,
    I had asked for the ingredients for the cream blush and got these descriptions today,
    "Blossoming, a rosy-pink'ish. Pretty color, especially for fair skin.
    Sun Touched, a coral color, gives a beautiful healthy looking glow, very
    good for summer. All skin tones really.
    Desired Glow, light brown/tan color. Gives the look of a bit of a tan,
    pretty" they contain corn starch which I normally avoid, and yet I am still tempted by Blossoming.. its probably a good thing the range is small as I think this is going to work out rather expensive for me :)


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