Saturday, 5 June 2010

UNE Natural Beauty: Final thoughts

After my initial Une purchase I decided to go out and take advantage of the 3 for 2 at Boots again.
I got the following eyeshades (£8.99 each), Sfumato 09 (brown), Nude eyes 13 (warm brown nude, cream shadow). Glimmer eyes 16 (really pretty shimmer infused slightly golden brown, cream shadow).
Picture L-R: 09,13,16
Swatches L-R S13 (this was the shadow I bought previously),S09,N13,G16
Unfortunately the cream shades crease on me, with or without a base. The powder shadows, although they are not that pigmented they do blend and last well. Although I like natural shades, I think there is potential for these to look a bit murky/sludgy.

I got Lip toned colour Lipsticks in shades L02,L06,L07 (£7.99 each). The colours are basically different tones of natural lip colour. L02 is a nude pink,L06 is a warmer pink ,L07 is deeper and more brown based pink/rose.
If your searching for a “your lips but better colour” its definitely worth taking a look at these, I don’t think they exceed my other lipsticks but for the price they are quite good. They are quite creamy and lasting ability is average. In terms of all the Une products I have bought these had the best pigmentation.
Picture Top to Bottom:L07,L02,L06
Swatches L-R: L07,L06,L02 and S03 that I bought previously.
In hindsight I wished I had just got the Two-tone lipsticks instead of all the other stuff, but the 3 for 2 offer was just screaming at me. As such if you are going to try something from the range I’d recommend them. Although I like the concept of the range, I can’t help feeling they would fare better with adding a few more colours to the line up, instead of falling into the natural ingredients must equate to natural/neutral colours of makeup, as I do feel like a lot of the colours are extremely similar to each other.

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