Sunday, 20 June 2010

Kjaer Weis: Eye Shadow and Lip Tint

If you read my last post about Kjaer Weis you will know I was extremely impressed with the eye shadow I bought. I ordered another eye shadow and a lip tint.
Eye shadow in Earthy Calm (£32) is a medium slightly chocolate brown with a slight sheen, it looked a bit warm in the pan but looks neutral on, it makes a really defining crease colour which pairs beautifully with my other shadow in Wisdom (Taupe). I do have quite a few neutral brown shadows but there is a certain depth to this that makes it stand out from my other ones.
The lip tints are available in three shades; I opted for the lightest one Dream State (£35). In hindsight I should have probably gone for one of the darker ones, this sheer peach nude tint is slightly out of my comfort zone, although it is surprising flattering on. The formula is really smooth, quite moisturising and the finish is a sheen that makes your lips look really moist. This has the same modern sleek jewellery style packaging as the eye shadow.
Swatches L-R: Earthy Calm, Wisdom, Dream State
There is a lot more from the range I want and although I have not read any reviews of the products, going by what I have bought so far I am confident in the quality and easy to wear colours enough that I’m sure the other things I buy will be just as impressive.

The range contains no parabens, synthetic colours/fragrances and is 95% organic. I bought my stuff from Space NK, who stock the range exclusively in the UK.


  1. WANT!!!!!!!
    Like, now.....
    (And as Grace once commented, "Damn you woman!")
    Nina x

  2. LOL Nina, I need someone to join me in my new expensive obsession...... ;)

  3. I'm just glad it's not that easy to order from Space NK outside the UK (or at least it wasn't last time i looked), this will make it very difficult for me to follow you down this path, as much as it is alluring!! I like the fact that you keep finding ways to justify buying more taupes and browns :P
    ihihihih! xx
    PS: hope u join my giveaway, have you missed it? Perhaps it's the orange gloss scaring you away!!

  4. Hi Anna,
    Yes, I do like to shake it up buying really different colours... ;)
    I am going to enter your giveaway but was trying to think of a witty answer to your question! xx

  5. Hi Beauty-Unearthly,
    The lip tint was nice, I've actually used it up now :)


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