Sunday, 20 February 2011

Elemental Herbology Winter Bodycare

For years now I have had a problem with leg itchiness. I have been able to find shower gels that don’t cause me problems during application but without fail I get the itchiness during the night. I’ve tried the cheap to expensive, to the over the counter creams for treating dry itchy skin, with no success. I’ve tried various different laundry products as I wondered if that was a contributing factor, but still there was no resolution.
Having been impressed with the Elemental Herbology skincare I decided to have a look at their body range and the Winter Body Wash and Body Hydrator caught my eye.
Both products are geared towards those with dry and sensitive skin and claim to offer intensive moisturising and anti-inflammatory action.

The Velvet Skin Winter Body Wash (£21 for 200ml) comes with a body brush and is a rich textured gel containing shea butter, olive oil and aloe vera.
The texture is such that it does feel like it coats the skin slightly but not in a greasy way. I find the brush too harsh so only occasionally use it.
The Body Souffle Winter Body Hydrator (£24 for 200ml) is a medium consistency cream, it feels very moisturising, yet sinks in quickly with no greasy residue or heavy feeling.
It contains Macadamia, evening primrose oil and essential oils of rose and geranium.
These products leave my Skin feeling comfortable and soothed. I’ve surprisingly had no irritation using them over broken skin. The redness is defused and my skin feels extremely hydrated and soft. The products have a delicate herbal scent, I’m not particularly keen on it as I never lean towards essential oil type of scents but that's just a personal preference.
Due to the combined cost of the products I do only use them on my legs.

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference these have made to me, its so nice not having to see scratch marks/cuts on my legs, no longer being kept awake at night with the intensely annoying, seemingly never ending itch. I’m just so glad I gave these a try as I had all but given up on trying to find a remedy.

I bought these from SpaceNK.


  1. Very sweet!!!

  2. These products sound lovely, it's great that they're working out for you. I'm currently using just a regular baby shower gel and I'm waiting for my Haus of Gloi scent-free butter to arrive. Will see if it will do any difference, if not I will keep a mental note of these two products :)

    x Klara

  3. These sounds really good and it's fantastic news that they've stopped the itching. My sleep is precious these days I thing it would drive me mad if I was woken up due to itching.

    I have enjoyed all the Elemental Herbology products I have tried so far. I love the scent of the face products and am rather keen to buy the skin food. Thank you so much for writing about this brand, I'm not sure I would have tried it otherwise.
    Jane x

  4. Hi lalelu,
    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Hi Klara,
    I keep meaning to order some Haus of Gloi but I always managed to get sidetracked by something else x

    Hi Jane,
    I'm so glad you have liked the Elemental Herbology, its always great finding new brands that work, I have been thinking about getting that Cell food one as well! x

  5. Oh dear, I know exactly what you mean. I have the same problem (diagnosed as atopical dermatitis). Not serious apparently but quite unpleasant, not to mention that it can get downright painful if I'm not careful about scratching.
    I have been using a prescribed (and in-pharmacy prepared) ointment which helps very much but stinks to high heaven, so I will very seriously consider giving these products a try...thank you!
    Nina x

  6. Hi Nina,
    I'll have to do a search on atopical dermatitis now, these lovely things we have in common ;)
    If you do end up trying the EH I'd love to know how you get on with it x


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