Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Having tried a wide range of felt tipped liners; MAC, Chanel and Armani to name a few, I can tell you that I do not get on with them. My main problems are that I cannot get a straight line, the ink migrates and they usually feel drying and irritate my eyes.
Having read a lot of good reviews for Le Metier de Beaute’s version I decided to buy it in the shade Noir (£25).
The immediate difference I noticed was the control, the flow of ink is such that I can create a thin or thick line. The tip is firm, rather than having a lot of give so it gives more precision. It lasts very well with no flaking and gives me no irritation. I was also impressed with the colour as its really crisp and inky looking.
I do find the ink migrates a little but this is probably due to me not having steady hands, as I tend to apply on the area longer than I should.

I would say that I still find brush tipped liquid liners easier to apply but this is definitely the best felt tipped liner I have tried.

I bought this online from Selfridges, however Le Métier de Beauté have since disappeared from their site, I am really hoping this is temporary.


  1. That is such neat work! It creates such a lovely fine line. I really like this and the RBR felt tip liner, both are really good for control and comfort. What else were you wearing on your eyes here may I ask?
    Jane x

    PS. Are you all set for a SpaceNK order tomorrow?

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thanks, the shadows are from the Le Cirque Kaleidoscope we have, two lighter shades combined on lid,warmer shade in crease then blended over again a bit with the top lightest shade.
    I think I am set for my order, but do you need to enter a code for it as I cannot see one on the page? I am thinking I might try some Serge Normant haircare with the order, what are you getting? x

  3. Wah! Just lost a lengthy reply! I was just saying it's good news that it's something I already own. It looks beautiful the way you have applied it.

    The Serge Normant looks interesting, it took me an age to realise it was Julia Roberts in the picture. No SpaceNK order for me sadly. With my Zuneta order and getting my hair done at the end of the week, I can't justify it. I'm going to London next Wednesday and I might do a sneaky bit of shopping on Friday to ease the pain ;). Do you have birthday shopping plans for next week?? x

  4. I have this liner too and love it :) The easiest to apply it is!

  5. I always have problems with brush-tip and felt-tip liners, my hands are soooooo unreliably shaky, they always ended up looking funny! Nowadays I tend to use pencils and eyeshadow types, though I just bought a creme one last weekend.

  6. I'd really like to try this one because of the control you can have. I'm also no good with liquid liners of any sort, but this one promises to deliver! It's lovely on you!

  7. Wow thats a mighty fine line. Im currently using a fab ink liner from Japan which I LOVE. I bought the penultimate from MAC which was dried out after 4 weeks!

  8. Totally in agreement! It is the best I have ever used and the ease of application is phenomenal.
    And, like Jane I love the eyeshadow combination... oh yes, I need to use my Kaleidoscope more often. In other news, I put in my SpaceNK order today for the Chantecaille turtles. I can't wait for them, it will be my first themed chantecaille palette yay :-)))
    have a great weekend hon!
    Nina x

  9. Hi Jane,
    I hate that went you lose a reply! Thanks, its a very everyday type look for me.
    I ordered the Serge Normant shampoo,so we will see.
    How funny, I'm getting my hair done as well at the end of the week! I don't have shopping plans alas, just poo work where I have to bring in the cakes! You will have to do shopping for the both of us ;) x

    Hi Music,
    I did go through a cream liner phase, what one are you using at the moment?

    Hi Joolz,
    Thanks ;) it is the easiest one to use I have come across, if you do get it I'd love to know how you get on with it.

    Hi Imo,
    4 weeks, thats really bad, you'd expect it to last longer than that! What brand is the one you got from Japan?

    Hello Nina,
    Thanks you. I took a bit of a back turn on the Chantecaille after I saw that post on cafemakeup comparing it to the spring Chanel quad and they looked quite similar. I will be very interested to hear your thoughts on it, as you'll no doubt be my decider x

    Hi Get Gawjus!
    It does seem to be a very popular one, can't think I have seen a bad review of it :)


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