Friday, 18 February 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge: Delicate Pinks and Spring/Summer 2011 Look

With spring on the horizon I thought I'd show you some easy to wear pretty pinks from RBR I picked up.
Scrumptiously Devious Colour burst lipstick (£22) is a cool toned pink with luminous golden shimmer.
RBR lipsticks are intensely additive; the formula is comfortable, creamy, extremely moisturising and they never settle into lines.
Typically I do not get on with blush sticks as they upset my acne prone skin, I am very pleased to say that I have had no problems with the RBR blush wand ( I have waited a while to review this just to be sure). I bought shade Vermeer (£28), which is a subtle natural pink flush.
The texture is lightweight, easy to blend (does not apply patchy) and can be built for more colour intensity. What surprised me was how well this lasted as I find that a common disadvantage with cream blushers, but this was still pretty much as I had applied it after 8 hours.
Here are the Ingredients:
CHINENSIS, SQUALANE, BHT, MICA. +/-: CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 75470, CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 15850, CI 15985, CI 77007, CI 77510, CI 77742

Swatches L-R:Vermeer,Scrumptiously Devious
RBR have released the following Spring/Summer look, Isola Bella
Zuneta have released a video of the look here; its really interesting to see the application, and I spy a few more RBR brushes that I may need.
The eyes pair the Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow ‘Batiste Grayling
and Long-lasting Duo Eye Shadow in ‘C Major - a Minor’, ( here is my review of the duo ).
The alluring cheeks and lips come courtesy of the Decadent Duo in ‘Tango Argentino’. There is a beautifully packaged Select Crown Jewels set that features the Decadent Duo and Big Lash Mascara.
Its meant to be very limited and I'm not sure yet if it will be at Zuneta. Definitely someone I want and it brings to my attention that I have not yet tried one of the Decadent Duo's (I also really want the box it comes in and yes I have been considering buying one of their present boxes).

I bought these from


  1. I was considering getting one of the blush sticks but instead went for an Edward Bess compact one. Vermeer looks like a lovely shade on you. The lipstick colour is also very pretty. I did end up getting the Batiste Grayling which I am very happy with, hopefully I should get the post up soon for this.

  2. Vermeer looks so pretty! I asked about the set and apparently it is only being released in Russia and Poland but there might be one given away as a prize on Facebook next week.

    I'm having a dilemma at the moment. I'm not sure whether to put an order in to Zuneta for several bits including the new Hourglass cheek tint or hang on and gets some bits SpaceNK for the GWP. I hate having to be sensible, I just want all of it lol. And now of course I want Vermeer again. I've a feeling I'm going to get trigger happy though. Sick children = desire to splurge! ;)

  3. Such pretty and fresh shades! I had considered Vermeer as well, but went instead for the powder blush in Habanera which I love. These must be so very flattering for skintone :-)
    I am definitely doing the SpaceNK GWP thing as I need a Darphin oil, it's a good opportunity to get it now...along with some NARS thingies hehe
    Nina x

  4. Lovely review, I love the colors you chose!! I have RBR lipsticks and blush sticks myself, your review made me wanna wear them today!! I have acne prone skin, too, and never experienced any problems!
    The new look for spring is awesome and the packaging is the finest out there by far. I really recommend the decadent duo's. I always have them with me on travels. They seem to match every occasion.
    Take care, hon xx

  5. It's me again, I keep watching the video and can't quite work it out. Was it the concealer brush they used to apply the eyeshadow? And was that the foundation brush they used for foundation at the beginning? It looked really small so I wasn't sure. I need a picture of them altogether so I can work out which is which! (and admire them).
    Jane x

  6. Hi Meeta,
    I will look forward to your Batiste Grayling review. The blush stick is really nice, I'd like to get one of the peachy ones as well but can't work out which one to go for :)

    Hi Jane,
    Sorry to hear you have poorly little people, hope they get better soon..and sleep lots instead of running around all over the place...
    I think the SpaceNK GWP is too good to pass up to be honest, and that Chantecaille turtle palette is on there, however it would make sense to get the Zuneta as well as the freebie Hourglass Mascara is a staple for us.......ugh I'm no help. In terms of the video I too thought it looked small but it must be the foundation brush I think and the concealer brush for the eyeshadow x

    Hi Nina,
    I really hope RBR extend their powder blush line as I really love the ones I have! Will you be getting any of the NARS spring from SpaceNK? x

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks, I am really going to have to get a decadent duo aren't I, I don't know why I haven't got one really as I seem to have acquired most types of products from RBR ;) x

  7. Oh hell! I was told the Turtles palette wasn't going to be available for another week and a half. I'm going to have just get everything. Birthday gifting to myself? Hello Mr. Credit card!! ;)
    Jane x

  8. Such pretty colors, I bet they'll look lovely on you! I have the blush wand/stick in Rubens-- I was initially *very* disappointed with the quantity of product for the price, it is exactly the size of my $1 e.l.f. blush stick!!! :( But having used it for some time now, the quality is good. I'm still not convinced it's worth it though to be honest, maybe because I wasn't really impressed with the packaging?
    Speaking of cream blush, that's affordable and good, have you tried the Topshop ones? They are really good!

  9. Hi Lakshmi,
    The wand it quite small, but it is great for travel and I only need to use a bit, although probably because I am so pale ;) I've not tried the topshop ones, I know I find it very differcult to find ones suitable for my acne, so was so pleased with the RBR one. Speaking of topshop, I bought one of their new cream pot shadows from the spring/summer collection, the coverage and wear of it was so bad I had to throw it away after one use, disappointing! x

  10. Hey! The only thing I've ever tried from the Topshop line is the cream blush, they have some sort of a highlighter which also swatched well. Too bad you had bad luck with the cream shadow :(

  11. That lipstick is one of my all time favorites! It's so pretty on and you can change it up with a pinker/peachier liner. They are some of the NICEST lipsticks I have ever used. That blush stick is interesting.... I have a hard time with sticks too- but been having good luck lately with Josie Maran's argan color sticks.
    You would probably like those- I haven't had any break outs from them... so far anyway.

    RBR constantly taunts me (and your posts don't help matters-lol) I wish I lived where I could see it in person! x jeanie

  12. Hi Lakshmi,
    I had a look at the Topshop cream blushers, looked really nice but they contained the dreaded Laureth 4 which always seems to break me out, thanks for the suggestion though ;)

    Hi Jeanie,
    I'll have to check if we have Josie Maran cosmetics over here ;)
    It is difficult when you can't see the products in person, although I think if I had sight of RBR I'd have an even bigger collection, I can be somewhat restrained buying online (you'll note I say somewhat) x


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