Sunday, 27 February 2011

La Mer The Eye Balm Intense

My undereye area is becoming an issue for me. I can cope with the darkness and discolouration but its the increasing sagginess and puffiness that are bothering me.
I tend to be sceptical about the effects of eyes cream, having tried a huge amount but only seeing results from one (Sarah Chapman). However, I could not ignore the reviews for the Eye Balm Intense, the results people were having were nothing short of spectacular. As I don’t tend to veer beyond £50 for eye creams, the £95 price tag was an issue, but sat in the hairdressers looking at the mirror, all that looked back at me were these old, tired looking baggy eyes, giving me that final push to make the purchase.
It comes in a pot container,the standard size 15ml. The texture is a medium cream and it is slightly green in colour. It comes with a rounded silver tipped applicator which feels very cooling. You dip the applicator in the cream and then apply, starting at the the temple then sweeping under the eye.
It absorbs quickly. Although it provides enough moisture for me, I don’t think it would be enough for those with a really dry eye area. It has never irritated my eyes nor added to my milia.

I have waited nearly 6 weeks before giving you this review ( I started using this on the 11th January, I have used it everyday since, morning and night). I’d love to tell you about the amazing results I have had, but sadly cannot. I don’t expect miracles, but I was hoping to get some of the improvement which others had received, namely lessening of lines, decreased puffiness and a firmer appearance.
I took before pics in anticipation of the change I would be able to show you, I have tried to convince myself that the pictures show a slight difference, however in the flesh there is really no discernible difference.
Top picture is before I started the cream.
The cream is meant to soothe, nourish, and encourage repair. Its meant to be cooling and hydrating, fade puffiness, irritation and other signs of fatigue, its meant to strengthens the thin under eye area for a firmer, smoother, more lifted appearance. For me I would say its soothes, the applicator gives a cooling sensation and it hydrates the area, I can’t say it does anything else and for this reason I cannot recommend this to you. For reference I am in my early 30s.
I know we all have different skin which will react differently but I am utterly disappointed in this product and in myself for buying this. This was my first La Mer product and has put my off trying any other products from the brand.

I bought this from John Lewis.


  1. How disappointing. Selfishly, I'm a little relieved that you're not madly impressed with this, but Oy, it has to bite at that price.

    When you finish this, give the Caudalie Premier Cru eye cream a go. I swear it has plumped up my undereyes a bit - the flesh there feels and looks a little denser to me now.

  2. Although, I've just enlarged the pictures, and I do think your circles look less purple, noticeably. I also think it has made the skin look plumper too.

    You know, I'd use this up if I were you and see how you feel at the end of the jar. I would give it another month or two at least.

  3. I feel your pain, I really do. It is gut wrenching to try something and it not live up to expectations, whether one spends £30, £50, or £95. I do think that eyes are such a notoriously difficult area to get a good cream for. I have suddenly (as in the past 5yrs) developed marked teabag staining around my eyes and this has really aged me I feel, but of course I can disguise this with makeup. I don't know, I forked out £62 for the Nude eyecream which was a considered purchase for me but it did natch and dried my eyelids out. I am currently using Trilogy which was a free GWP and it is okay, nothing spectacular but okay. Next for me to try is Eve Lom which in the 5mls sample I had seemed to do it all. Sorry essay rather than comment. Jan xx

  4. Oh Wow - sorry to hear it hasn't done much - and for £95 I can understand the disappointment! But thanks for writing such an honest review that can at least save other the cash sweetie x x

  5. Problem is when something is £95 you want real results not a bit better in certain lights results. I agree about finishing the pot though might be something that takes time to work
    Stacie xoxox

  6. Looking at the before/after... I also think your eyes look less puffy since you've been using the La Mer.

    Having said that, I bought this myself last year and didn't rate it enough to repurchase...

    I love your blog, though blame you entirely for my recent Kjaer Weis purchase. Well, I have to blame someone?

  7. How disappointing, though I do think it seems to have made the circles less purple. I agree with Grace that you might see more effect as you continue to use it. I like the look of the little applicator. I imagine it feels very nice on the undereye area.

    I'm interested in both the Sarah Chapman and the Caudalie Premier Cru. I was actually having a little play with the Caudalie on Friday. Re: looking in the mirrors at hairdresser, I find that so depressing. Thankfully with my short-sightedness I'm starting to appear more soft focus these days! xx

  8. I agree with your honest review. I have the old balm and serum but both didn't really make much of a difference for puffiness. They do moisturize the eye well and help with fine lines but for puffiness, it doesn't create any miracles.

  9. Hello

    I have been lemming this terribly since it was introduced.... I bought into the other eye treatment they offered a few years ago and wanted to love, love, love it but sadly it wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I bet this would be the same ;(
    Thank you so much for the honest review and for snuffing the lemming for me. I am going to stick with my BB extra eye cream and the Josie Maran one I have been using for now.
    btw- I think your eye area looks great!
    x jeanie

  10. Sorry to hear about the poor results. I too have read some of the rave reviews for this product and had been thinking about trying it. Thank you for the honest & helpful review! :)

  11. I am so sorry you have been disappointed hon! It's not just the price (although it does give me palpitations if I'm honest) but, mostly the hope...
    I do, however, agree with many of the other commenters that it has made a visible difference both on the colour and the puffiness. Obviously, of course, it is the way you feel about it is what matters.
    It would be very interesting I think if you did another post on it when you have finished the entire pot.
    Nina x

  12. Hi Grace,
    I’ll add that Caudalie Premier Cru to my list of eye creams to try next. I can see what you mean about the pictures, but then I wonder if the lighting is slightly different if it makes the area look better than it is, I am going to finish off using this and will do an update post, I seem to have less than half left so shouldn’t be that long x

    Hi Jan,
    I completely agree with you about it being a notoriously difficult area, I don’t mind paying the money as long as I get some sort of result. I’ve got a list forming of ones I want to try, so I’ll guess I will work through them I was a bit underwhelmed with Nude, although I still have an interest in the Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum x

    Hi Joanna Louise,
    Thanks, yes, I wouldn't want anyone to waste their money, definitely a product to try and get a sample of before buying!

    Hi Stacie,
    I am hoping that it is the case that I will get improvement with longer use, although I have less than half left and I am sure all the positive reviews got results in about 4 weeks, so we will see

    Hi Lipglossiping,
    Thanks oooooooh what Kjaer Weis did you buy? I’ll take the blame I really like the stuff I have, keep meaning to try one of the cream blushers. I do wonder if the line will survive though as don’t tend to hear much about it.

    Hi Jane,
    I thought I’d keep the applicator once I am finished with the cream as might be nice to cool the area in summer. Let me know if you end up with the Caudalie Premier Cru. I ordered that RMS un cover up that Grace likes, remember you were saying you were thinking of trying that so will review that as soon as x

    Hi Kristie,
    How disappointing, for the price range you would expect good results, it does seem to be a very hyped brand.

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks, nice of you to say ;) Yes, I think this is one to move away from. I'll find something that works, might just take me a few years ;) x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    It does feel odd to write a bad review for something that I have only seen great reviews for, I just need to get over how much I spent on it ;)

    Hi Nina,
    My mother looks at my blog so I had to warn her how much I paid for this whislt she was sitting down, as I know she would have had something to say when she saw the post ;)
    I am going to do an update post, I think I need to try and get the lighting in the two pictures as close at possible as I know what you mean that it looks a bit better but in real life I am not seeing it x

  13. Thanks for the honest review. eye creams are a bewildering part of skin care- there are so many products that promise the world.

    What effects did you have with the Sarah Chapman eye cream?

    Perhaps it might be worthwhile looking into an eye cream with DMAE for the eye bags.

  14. Hi Jen,
    The Sarah Chapman helped with lines and puffiness and made the area look less red/dark. There are quite a few more I would like to try after the La Mer, but if they don't work out I will go back to Sarah chapman.
    Thanks for the suggestion about DMAE, I'll have a look as to which brands contain it x

  15. It stinks when a product doesnt live up to our expectations. Although I do think your eyes look better.
    I am a new follower by the way. I love checking out beauty blogs. I have a blog too which is a mix of everything, reviews, giveaways, my thoughts in general, all somehow in one way or another surrounded by beauty or girlly subjects in general. Check me out if you get a chance, and I will be stopping by soon.

  16. Hi Andrea,
    I am still not impressed with it, although I will do an update post.
    Will check your blog out ;)


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