Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows Silk Aether

RBR has recently released 5 natural coloured Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows (Silk Aether). They come in a compact tube (4ml) with a doe foot applicator and the consistency is creamy.
I bought Atlas Swallowtail (£26), its a neutral nude beige/sand with a luminous satin finish.
Swatched below, on left I have dabbed it on, on right I have sheered it out.
It feels lightweight, non drying and very comfortable on. It applies/blends with ease, you can apply as a sheer wash or build up for more colour intensity. There is no balling up of the product and you can apply shadows over it.
In terms of wear, my eye pictures are taken after at least 7 hours without a base, with one application of colour.
Below is a close up in natural light.
I get no creasing and very minimal colour fade.
Here are the ingredients:
An impressive formula from an inspiring brand, do I plan to get the other shades, well I think you know the answer to that.

I bought this from (they do international shipping).


  1. Thanks for the post, I was very interested to hear your thoughts on these. They sound great for an oily lid gal like myself and they seem very versatile. I have my eye on Batiste Grayling and Chiffon Ringlet.

  2. I was wondering when you'd get round to those ;-)))
    Loving what I'm seeing and, like Meeta above, Ringlet is firmly on my list. It's great to have an honest opinion before forking out, so thanks!
    Nina x

  3. This looks super-nice! I also like the sound of Velvet Fritillary and Chiffon Ringlet. though seeing how great they perform it would probably be a good thing to buy one of each colour and just throw out all my other cream eyeshadows! I despise creasing and melting cream eyeshadows, it's one of my biggest personal hates! xxx

  4. Thank you for this review on a rare item I'd love to try!! It looks great on you!! The incis tell the shadow is full of silicons, though, which I try to avoid for a while. Other than that it's a perfectly cute product xx

  5. I'd like to try it, I love cream eyeshadows! :)

  6. I am veering more towards these warmer eyeshadow shades, a bit like the deepest tone in one's skin, LondonMakeupGirl did a post on a similar shade though not RB and it made me think. For me a cream shadow would be a preference, brushes, whilst I have many, need a dexterity far beyond my capabilities. Great review as always. Jan x

  7. This looks lovely. I've told myself I don't need any of these for now but of course you have me wanting! Maybe I can drop some hints for my birthday next month. Hmmmm.....
    Jane x

  8. I really like this shade - I was deciding between this colour and Chiffon Ringlet and decided to get the latter and I still like it a lot. And now after your review I think I might pick up the Atlas Swallowtail when Zuneta has 20% off - it looks like such an easy eyeshadow to use everyday. x Klara

  9. This is such a pretty shade. I don't have anything from Rouge Bunny Rouge yet, but I like everything I've seen from them so far --must start a wishlist for my future order! :)

  10. It looks gorgeous on your eyes. If you haven't already have a chance to check it out, I have a makeup competition going on right now:


  11. Hi Meeta,
    I am very eager to get the other ones, they all look like such wearable shades, glad the review was helpful :)

    Hi Nina,
    I have to space out my RBR posts, otherwise I will look like I'm obsessed ;) Definity a worthy buy x

    Hi Anna,
    I like your ruthless thinking ;) I can't stand creasing either, really irks me! x

    Hi Sam,
    What a shame about the Silicons, I wonder if a lot of cream shadows contain them? x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    It is lovely, a lot of cream shadows feel too drying and irritate my lids, no problem with this though.

    Hi Jan,
    I can see this as being very suited for you. I like how you said about the deepest tone in one's skin, I think that is a very good description of these types of shades x

    Hi Jane,
    Its my birthday next month, you have to copy me don't you ;) I think it will be a crime if you don't end up with at least one of these x

    Hi Klara,
    Chiffon Ringlet will likely be my next one after seeing your beautiful picture of it applied. So my question is did you end up getting another one in the 20% off? :)

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Actually I think RBR would be very suited to you, I think you would really like some of the eyeshadows and lispticks, you may well end up with quite a large wishlist ;)

    Hi Alicia,
    Thanks. I have seen your post, lovely idea, not sure I have the creativity for that though, my makeup application seems to be the same day in day out ;) x

  12. ;P what can I say..........Baaaah!

    I'm intrigued when yours is now! I discovered the other day that Sarah from I Heart Cosmetics shares my birthday. Mine is the day of the nationwide release of Wonder Woman.

  13. Mine is the day after!! see, we were almost twins there ;)
    Now I wouldn't have thought WW would really be your type of collection, I don't think I can get past the packaging really.

  14. Chiffon Ringlet will look gorgeous with your eye colour! I actually didn't get anything from the Zuneta 20%off - I'm actually trying to concentrate on skincare at the moment and will try to spend less on makeup in February. Also, I'm secretly waiting for the spring collections from Hourglass and Becca ;) Did you get anything?

  15. Hi Klara,
    I didn't get anything either as I had already done a recent order from them (for some Malin+Goetz stuff). You now have me intrigued about those spring collections, I know Hourglass have those cheek and lip tints coming out but I hadn't heard anything about the Becca one yet, will have to investigate! ;)

  16. Oh I do like that. I think that's the colour I will get, not sure if I'm going to cave this month or next yet though!

  17. Great review, sounds like a product that would be a mistake to pass on!
    I've already ordered Batiste Grayling, can't wait till I try it on myself!!!
    The swatches look flawless btw, very impressive!!!


  18. Hi Grace,
    Funnily I did think of you when I put this shade on, most certainly your type of colour ;)

    Hi Tina,
    Thanks ;) can't wait to see your thoughts on Batiste Grayling :)


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