Friday, 25 February 2011

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

An eye base has become an essential for me. I want the shadows that I apply around 6:00 am to look the same 11 hours later. Whilst a good shadow formula is crucial, a good eye base just helps it go that extra mile.
NARS smudge proof base (£18) has a lot going for it; it goes on virtually clear so has no impact on the shadow you are applying and it doesn’t feel drying/uncomfortable. The disadvantages are that it takes longer to set than my other eye bases and falls down a bit in terms of boosting the shadow's wear compared to my other bases.
In terms of texture I think this is much better than my other primers. Even though its not perfect I am inclined to say this will be a re buy for me due to the texture/appearance, as the older I get the more I find eye primers can look a bit dry/crepey on my lids yet the NARS one does not.
So I have three eyebases, all in rotation, all of them with slight flaws, yet all with merits.
Swatches L-R: NARS, Too Faced Shadow insurance, Laura Mercier eye basic linen
Just an aside, but I have been having issues with my eyes watering for a few months now, and it basically seems to remove all the makeup from the inner corners of my eyes, does anyone have something similar and if you do, have you any suggestions?

I bought this from SpaceNK


  1. I really want to try this base, as I've heard that it makes for easier blending (compare with UDPP, which can grab at matte shadows too much).

    Do you notice any difference in how natte shadows blend with this base compared with your others?

  2. Hmmm, I've wondered about this for a long time. As I have very oil eyelids my primary concern is the shadow and pencil to stay put. UDPP does that brilliantly, but like Jen W said above, blending a matte shadow above it can be a nightmare. Also, it definitely accentuated the crepey-ness of my eyelids.
    I think I might give it a try after I finish my current UDPP tube.
    Oh, as to the inner corner mu getting all washed away through watering, yes, I get that as well...badly.
    The only thing that seems to help somewhat is to blend some UDPP really well just on the corner and also under the lower lashline)and set it with a dab of powder. Sometimes that seems to do the trick, but not always.
    Enjoy the weekend lovely!
    Nina x

  3. My eyes do that watering thing if I wear makeup in that area (or on my waterline) too often. For me, if I wear makeup there more than 2 or 3 times a week (or more than 2 days in a row will do it too), then my eyes go watery. They return to normal if I keep makeup away from the sensitive area for a week.

  4. Hi Jen,
    I did a test with this on one eye and my TF shadow insurance on the other, using the matte eyeshadow brands that I don't think the formula is very good (MAC and Bobbi Brown) and I did feel like they blended better over the NARS primer both times :)

    hello Nina,
    I think you will find the NARS looks a lot better over any crepey-ness and shadows blend better, but I don't think it has quite the lasting powers that UD can give, still think the NARS is worth it for the texture/apperance though.
    I'd not thought about trying to powder over the area as well as using a primer for the watering problem, will have to give that a try x

    Hi Proximity,
    I wear makeup on that area 6 days a week, so maybe thats where I am going wrong, perhaps I shall have to try to have a break from it...scary thought... ;)


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