Friday, 18 March 2011

Rituals Cosmetics

I’m not entirely sure how well known the Rituals brand is. I have only done one post myself and rarely see it mentioned. Its a Dutch brand which offer a wide range of Home & Body care products and also cosmetics. I think its only available in Europe and Brazil. I’d say its packaged and priced like a mid end brand.
The brands philosophy seems to be transforming our everyday routines into pampering rituals, with their inspiration sited as coming from authentic Eastern rituals.
I liked the body care products I’d tried from them so it seemed only right that I should pick up some of their makeup.
The eyeshadows are quite bulky and come in a mirrored compact with a sponge tipped applicator. I bought the shade Amber lights (£10.90), which is a gentle shimmered beige/Taupe/sand.
The texture is really smooth, easy to blend, great pigmentation and it lasts well.

The lipstick has a sheer to medium coverage, feels creamy, comfortable and quite moisturising, however its not long lasting. It also states it has an SPF15 .
I bought shade cotton candy (£11.50) which is a pink with silver shimmer.
Swatches below of the Lipstick and shadow
As my By terry advanced its a bit too dark I decided to buy the dark circle concealer called Lighten up in shade 1 (£12.90).
It is very lightweight coverage and has light reflecting particles to ease off dark circles and does perk up the eye area a bit. Its a very good colour match for my pale cool toned skin.
Whilst I’d say its a lot better than similar priced brands who offer this type of product (No7, Clinique) the texture and performance is not comparable to higher end brands such as YSL, By Terry.
Swatch on left is my By Terry, on the Right Rituals.
Overall I definitely think its worth checking out their makeup, I really like the eyeshadow and plan on going back for some other shades (they had a duo of a golden lime and khaki brown which looked very interesting).


  1. I have quickly had a glimpse of a few things in the store in Westfield but oddly I have not been compelled to buy anything (maybe because I was in a bit of a rush). I should have a proper look as the prices seem very good for the quality.

  2. Everything you got looks great, I've never heard of this brand! :)

  3. I have only ever bought home fragrance products from their St Pancras shop in London. I do like the shop and I have been tempted by the mu, but never had enough time to browse properly...hmm, should remedy that some time, as I really like the look of that shadow.

  4. The lipstick looks good, but otherwise I find these a bit uneventful :(

  5. That shadow is GORGEOUS....but then I'm a sucker for a shimmering nude taupe!

    thanks for the swatches x jeanie

  6. Hi Meeta,
    Yes, its not a range that grabbed me at first but it is worth a look and they also seem to have an offer on every month, like 30% off a particular range.

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I was in too minds about doing this post as I know the majority of people like to read about the more well know brands, but the eyeshadow is so nice, had to mention it ;)

    Hi Nina,
    The shadow is lovely, well worth a look. Like you I have not had much time to browse the range, the store is often nearly empty so I tend to feel a bit focused on by the SA's when I go in there! x

    Hi Eli,
    I think the lipstick and shadow are good basics.

    Hello Jeanie,
    I think we both love our nude taupes, can never have enough ;) x


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